SPT UC-0609 Ultrasonic Cleaner

SPT UC-0609 LCD Display Ultrasonic Cleaner (Kitchen)

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Ultrasonic gun cleaning at home using the SPT ultrasonic cleaner is quite effective, fast and convenient. This automatic cleaner quickly cleans gun parts and jewellery to regain its shine and luster immediately.

This SPT ultrasonic gun cleaner device can also be used to remove dirt, grease and grime from watches, jewelry, dentures, glasses and other materials.

The device comes with LCD display panel, stainless steel tank with basket, built-in timer (up to 9-minutes) and an auto shut-off feature for added safety.

Just give a push on the button and watch theĀ SPT ultrasonic cleaner machine doing the best needed cleaning for you.

No chemical additives are needed to be used for cleaning purpose. You just have to fill tanks made of stainless steel using clean water for cleaning the materials in your home.

However if the stains are stubborn to remove, using ultrasonic cleaning solution is recommended for getting enhanced cleaning results.

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