SharperTek Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

SharperTek Firearm Gun Ultrasonic Cleaning System

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SharperTek Ultrasonic Cleaner is an all in one cleaning system that helps you to clean your guns and gun parts at home very conveniently and affordably.

Using the most powerful technology it helps in removing all the dirt, carbon and grease from the handguns after every usage.

Package consists of:

  • Polycarbonate lubricating lid and pan
  • Polycarbonate Cleaning Tray
  • Two brushes (nylon and brass).

The package includes 1 gallon of ultrasonic gun cleaning solution which makes sure that all the parts (which are hard to reach) are cleaned perfectly.

The package also has needle-point dispenser with 1 oz oil. This is to make sure that you receive the extra oil needed to take along with you on field (by chance you might feel the need of using it).

According to reviews found online, SharperTek ultrasonic gun cleaner models are so powerful that it cleans even the heavily soiled handguns.

Thorough cleaning is ensured by the ultrasonic waves that penetrate the nook and corner of parts placed in the solution.

Powerful ultrasonic waves do all the cleaning job well every time without any flaws, making a gun look new each time it undergoes the cleaning process.

Overall this SharperTek ultrasonic cleaner package has all the needed materials to ensure a complete cleaning process that removes entire dust and dirt from handgun.

Besides this bestselling model, Sharpertek Xp Pro model is also available to buy which can be used to clean various items at home and at industries.

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