How To Clean A Gun Without A Kit At Home?

Keeping your precious firearms clean is not only good for hygiene but also ensure your safety and keep you away from hazards.

Your armed ammunitions must be clean so that it doesn’t rust or have any debris stuck in them so as to facilitate its smooth functioning. Therefore, timely cleaning of your firearms is mandatory to keep them clean and ensure you and your family’s safety.

gun cleaning

There are a lot of gun cleaning kits in the market or cleaning services available.

However if you want to clean your gun without a kit, then it is an easy task.

You may probably have all the required essentials and materials at your home but getting them to use for cleaning your gun or pistol is bit difficult.

In case you don’t know how to clean a gun without a kit at home, read on to get a better insight.

Here is the list of materials you’ll need for your gun/pistol cleaning at home:

1- Cleaning cloth or rag; you may also use paper towel

2- Tool to cut (preferably a pair of scissors of a knife)

3- Ram rod or a thin stick which probably can go down the length of your gun’s barrel

4- Gun oil or regular oil or WD 40 or some silicone

Cleaning Instructions:

Take all the bullets out of your gun; basically what you are doing is unloading it. Then you need to take your cloth and divide it into small equal pieces by using scissors.

The left over cloth can be used to dab oil on it and you can now start by wiping you gun with this dabbed rag piece.

Make sure you cover all areas inside and outside well enough before you proceed to next step. Grab your rifle or firearm by its chamber and barrel and clean out each of the corners and remove all the dirt from inside and on outside as well.

Force down the ram rod or the sharp tool (whichever you are using) with the cloth dabbed with gun oil to make sure that the insides are cleaned properly. Do it repeatedly to ensure proper cleaning.

Wipe off the oily dirt and left over mess with those cut pieces of cloth to make sure the inside as well as the outside part of your firearm is clean.

Therefore, once you know how to clean a gun without a kit at home then it becomes easy to do this task without external help and you can also save a lot of money.

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