How To Clean A Rusty Gun Barrel? (DIY Tips and Steps)

Prudent scrutinizing and frequent cleansing of gun will promote effective utility and shooting safely.

Sediments and residues of impurities can be visualized inside the barrel due to the tiny bang on the chamber when the trigger being pulled.

Gun Barrel

This condition makes it essential to clean the gun barrel regularly to avoid malfunctions.

The owner of the gun should compulsorily accomplish full knowledge of the firearms to handle the parts of the gun properly.

Do Not Forget About Unloading and Discardment of Bolt Before Cleaning

Before cleaning the gun barrel, impeding action makes it comfortable for its owner to cleanse the gun according to its model.

Remove the bolt in the gun, or fasten open the act of a shotgun, or pistol. Smooth up with solvent, discarding impurities, make sure it is moisture free. Then slightly apply lubricant to the bolt.

Also be confident that you have brushed the extractor or ejector and have removed the barrel from the frame.

Easy Step for Cleaning Gun Barrel

For a professional gun barrel cleaning, you canĀ buy a gun cleaning kit which comes with per-ensemble tools and agents for efficient cleaning.

Collect the necessary tools and follow the instructions mentioned in the kit for a professional cleaning experience.

Below we discuss few steps that ensures that your gun barrel is cleaned safely. Lets check them out…

Cleaning the shotgun: Set aside the dirt- free bolt and mechanism from the furnished chamber terminus by running a clean rod by process of swabbing technique to cleanse the soaked in gun solvent lower the barrel and away the muzzle.

As exception all the steel portions and parts of the pump requires to be greased with Teflon oil to maintain the appropriate mechanism action even and sharp.

Swabby application and discard of gun: First join the contributory tip with the dry clean rod and insert a damp patch with cleansing solvent.

Run the rod down the barrel along with the wet patch forcing impurities containing dirt out of the barrel. Brush through the barrel to break free any residue.

Run the brush clear through the barrel as needed. Again moisturize another swab with solvent and move through to clean and clear barrel and insert again a dry swab to complete the cleaning process.

Scrubbing and running process of bolt: Insert a patch having wet with lubricant gun oil through the bore. This maintains the bolt from being brittle throughout the season.

Rub the metal parts with a cloth dipped in less moisture of lubricant oil in order to avoid rust and to avail proper mechanism of the gun without any difficulties.

The entire part of the wood should be also wiped with a dry cloth to take away fingerprints and to clean liquid leaks and gun oil.

Reassemble the gun parts such as chamber, bolt and frame of the gun and wipe out smoothly clean with a dry moisture free tatter.

Then stock off from children in your gun safe to resist the damage being caused by them and to avoid dampness for safety.

How To A Clean Rusty Gun Barrel?

Above we have addressed the method and steps which you can use to clean the rust IN a gun barrel.

Now if you want to clean the rust ON gun barrel there are few additional easy steps that can be followed.

As a very basic step to clean rusty gun barrel, you can just spray Break-Free CLP on the barrel.

Let the CLP sit there for few hours and then gently polish the barrel using soft cotton cloth.

You will see that the cloth will remove the rust from the barrel without damaging the original bluing.

Do care that the above methods can be used to remove rust from gun when the rust deposited is very light.

If you have heavy bright red patches rust on your shotgun or firearms that looks ugly, you need to work bit extra.

Cleaning Heavy Rust On Gun Barrel

First of all do the Breakfree treatment as mentioned above.

Then scrub the rusty parts lightly using a very fine grit waterproof abrasive paper or sandpaper wrapped around the sanding block.

Be extra careful that you do this very lightly and keeping checking after every rub. This will ensure that you do not take off the metal which will leave your firearm get damaged and look ugly forever.

After you see the rust go off from your gun barrel, burnish the affected area using steel wool. You can then do the refinishing using a cold bluing solution.

Do not forget to check and follow the instructions you get on the bottle while bluing.

Cleaning your Gun with Vinegar Safely

As an alternate to CLP gun cleaning, we recommend using vinegar to clean your deeply rusty guns at home.

As vinegar is easily available, cheap and safe to use, it acts as a good DIY way to clean your guns at home.

Being acidic in nature, vinegar comes with natural de-oxidizing properties that helps to break down deep rust formation on your gun barrel; making it easier to remove from metal surface.

Unlike sandpaper, cleaning your gun with vinegar does not make the metal rough. Also it prevents removal of any markings or metal material when used with proper care.

But be ensured that as bluing is an oxide, using vinegar on it will remove the bluing.

Make sure you do not use ammonia in place of vinegar as it can damage your gun.

Simple Way to Clean Rust Off Your Gun (Video)

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