Making A Homemade Gun Cleaning Solvent: Is It Really Worth?

While gun cleaning seems to be a very simple job, it is not really as easy as it sounds to be.

In fact you need to be pretty careful with the kind of materials that goes into gun cleaning.

Usage of proper tools along with right ingredients is always required to clean your gun so that you get best cleaning results and accuracy in shots.

Gun solvent is one important element which cannot be ignored while cleaning your guns or antique firearms.

Ignoring such special needs can permanently leave a scar on your gun and cause irreplaceable damage, when you do not use them with proper care.

Below we provide important details about what gun cleaning solvent is, how to use it properly and how to make it at home.

Also we have listed below the best gun cleaning solvent and oil brands to choose from in the market (just in case you do not wish to make them at home).

Check them out before you buy one for cleaning your firearms.

What Is Gun Solvent?

In simple terms, a gun solvent is a substance which is able to clean dry your gun and remove metal foul smell with minimal efforts from your side.

The ultimate purpose of having a good gun solvent is to dissolve or loosen the carbon or metal fouling bore from gun so that you wipe dry the gun efficiently.

This will make ready your firearm for the next usage whenever you require them.

Why Are Solvents for Gun Cleaning Important?

As, only a clean gun can guarantee accuracy and great performance, gun cleaning solvent or agents should be readily available in stock with you at home.

In case you are planning to clean your gun quickly within no time, it can be done via bore snake by using a dab of CLP (Cleaner, lubricant and Preservative).

However if your purpose is to clean your firearm completely, you will need different oils and cleaning solvents to make the task efficient.

In most cases when your gun becomes nonoperational due to one of the various factors (like moisture, condensation, rust, snow, high smoke or carbon deposit, etc), using a good gun cleaning solvent is one of the best things you can do for their maintenance.

Most of the gun cleaning kits on the market do not include gun cleaning solvent and for this reason you will need to buy it separately or try making it at home.


As each solvent available in the market is designed to work differently and to perform specific things, you need to research and buy them carefully so that it suits your purpose well and good.

Little below we have reviewed some of the best gun cleaning solvents that are available on the market. You can try them out for sure and make your job easier.

However if you are one of the DIYers like me, you will probably be interested in making a homemade cleaning solvent for your gun.

Here are few steps for you before we list down the top rated and best selling cleaning solvents in the market.

How To Make Homemade Gun Cleaning Solvent?

Buying gun solvents/oils from market every time you require a cleaning process can be tricky as well as time and money consuming.

Instead you can think on making gun solvents by yourself in your home.

Making a gun cleaning solvent right in your home is an easy task and does not require you break your head in the creation process.

But you need to really careful when it comes to buying the right ingredient and the right mix of quality for your gun cleaning solvent substitute.

What are the basic ingredients you will need to make your own gun oil?

  • Firstly, buy automatic transmission fluid that is available in market. You can go with choosing the cheaper ones in store
  • Next is to have a ready store of kerosene that need to be combined with ATF purchased
  • Along with ATF and kerosene, you will also need good amount of odorless mineral spirit and acetone


Once you have all the gun cleaning solvent ingredients in place, go ahead with mixing it together in a metal bucket.

After the mixing process, wait for the chemical to set in and move the contents to a separate container. Choose the label for the container and keep your best household non toxic gun cleaning solvent away from normal reach.

As a gun lover you need to ensure that only you have access to this mixture and that no one else uses this mixture in your home.

With this homemade gun cleaning solvent you can enjoy the benefit of cleaning your favorite weapon without any high cost.

Precautions To Take while Making The Cleaning Solvent

When you have got all the gun cleaning solvent ingredients and you have decided to go ahead with making process, it is important for you to take certain precautions:

  • Work on a well ventilated space and flat surface
  • Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses as chemicals could cause harm to skin and eyes
  • Ensure chemicals are kept away from fire and is stored in safe container


Also, make sure to keep the ready solvent away from wooden surfaces. Try staying away from wooden furniture or surface during your cleaning process.

All the above mentioned contents are highly flammable and you need to be really careful in the making process.

10 Best Gun Cleaning Solvent And Oil Reviews

Making a homemade gun cleaning solvent is not an easy task for all.

Just in case that you do not love making gun solvent at home, or if you find the task cumbersome – here we review some of the best gun cleaning solvents and oil available online.

Check the detailed reviews below and choose the best options that suits your need well.

1- Hoppes No 9 Bore Cleaner

Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaning Solvent is a universally acknowledged solvent that shooters are using since 1903.

Mainly used in removing powder, lead, metal fouling and rust, Hoppe’s No. 9 is completely safe and easy to use on pistols, rifles and shotguns.

Competent chemicals are combined in the most appropriate manner to form this best bore cleaner solvent that penetrates fast and spreads fast to reach the depths of the gun parts.

All you can expect is a brilliant cleaning while you use this Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner formula for cleaning your guns at home.

The package bottle comes in various sizes (5 Oz, 16 Oz, 32 Oz) with a child-proof cap which ensures safe storage of the product even when you have children at home.

2- Break-Free CLP Gun Cleaner

Break-Free Gun Cleaner is one among the best CLP for guns, you can trust and use for all your gun cleaning and maintenance tasks.

This CLP penetrates deeply into crevices and spreads fast along the metal surfaces to remove the contamination and carbon residue on your gun parts.

The corrosion inhibitors present in the Break-Free CLP helps in preventing the formation of rust while its unique boundary film protects all the metal surfaces of your firearms from moisture and other contaminants.

The Break-free gun barrel cleaner is absolutely safe for all types of gunmetal finishes like blued steel, titanium and polymer composite firearms.

Furthermore this specially formulated Break free CLP aerosol is highly weather tolerant, which means it does not lose its effectiveness even in extreme environmental conditions like cold, heat, dust, dirt, humidity and even salty air.

3- Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber

Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber is a synthetic cleaner that makes the cleaning process of modern firearms very easy.

This is a high pressure degreaser/solvent which blasts the dirt away and avoids fouling with its powerful aerosol jet-action.

This Birchwood Casey gun scrubber cleans your weapon fast without causing any harm to plastic, laminates, wood, rubber grips, composites or other materials.

The cleaner evaporates fast and get dried immediately leaving your firearms clean and shining like new.

With an occasional blast, you can eliminate firearm jams while improving accuracy and reliability with this Birchwood Casey gun scrubber synthetic safe cleaner.

We have already used this for cleaning the shotguns, air rifles, and muzzleloaders and have found it excellent for automatics, bolts, lever and slide actions. Thus it is the all in one fire arm cleaning scrubber, you can rely on.

The product can also be used to safely clean even camo finishes. Available in 10 oz,13 oz and 15 oz packing you can buy it now online at a very affordable price.

Birchwood Casey gun scrubber is also available in a value pack aerosol cans (10 oz. each) of: bore scrubber, gun scrubber and barricade. You may consider buying the pack to save good money.

4- Breakthrough Gun Cleaner

Breakthrough clean solvent is one of the best gun cleaner you should have in your firearms cleaning kit.

This firearm cleaner do not produce harsh smell and is therefore pleasant to use. Cleaning firearms with this cleaning solvent leaves no fouling and residue behind.

Breakthrough Military Grade Gun Cleaner Solvent is also Non-staining and Non-flammable. Being USA made, EPA friendly and non-toxic in nature it is very safe to use. 

Moreover Breakthrough Gun Cleaner comes with neutral pH which means it is completely safe for all types of firearms materials like wood, polymer, plastic, cerakote and/or hydroprinting.

The cleaner comes with varied packaging like 15ml, 2-ounce, 6-ounce, 16-ounce, 32-ounce and 1 Gallon. You can choose the one that is best suited as per your requirement.

According to various Breakthrough clean review, this is the best non-toxic gun cleaning solvent which works very well for cleaning all types of carbon deposits with only negative being – the spray bottle is hard and inconvenient to use.

5- Sage and Braker CLP

The very basic purpose of any CLP is to Clean, Lube and Protect. And that’s what this CLP by Sage & Braker does.

With military use in mind, this high quality CLP formula is made in USA. It does not attract dust and sand, hence keeps your firearms clean for long.

It also helps to coat and protect the bore together with other moving parts on your firearms, making them well protected from corrosion and rust.

By providing best carbon and contamination management this gun bore and barrel cleaner also reduces static so that you can completely rely on your firearms to use them best when you need them most without any failure.

Above all, Sage and Braker CLP formulation does not have any harsh smell and comes with safe to use chemicals that does not damage any blueing and finish of your firearms.

Available with so many features and benefits this non-hazardous, biodegradable and non-toxic CLP gun cleaner is a must have if you are really concerned about the safe cleaning and protection of your firearms.

6- Ballistol Aerosol

Ballistol Gun Oil (Multipurpose Aerosol) is popular for its versatile feature due to which it’s not only helpful in lubricating and protecting your firearms but just anything else you want to.

As it is slightly alkaline in nature it neutralizes the effect of skin oils and sweat. Biodegradable and environmental friendly in nature it’s available in 1.5 Oz Aerosol Can.

Ballistol aerosol forms a shield like film on the metal surfaces and is capable to creep into the finest cracks and fissures. It can penetrate deep to loosen the bolts and nuts too.

Besides, it’s accurate for completing other household tasks which most of the normal grease or lubricant fail to do.

This means you can use this Ballistol klever oil to protect, lubricate and maintain your knives, fishing gear, rubber, wood, locks and other tools.

7- Hoppe’s Gun Oil

Hoppe’s Lubricating Oil with high-viscosity is perfect to use for lubricating fishing reels, firearms and other precision mechanisms.

Being a long lasting with some best features, this USA made lubricating oil for guns does not harden, get into the form of gum or even expire.

Feel free and confident to keep your weapons safe and good in function with this Hoppes lubricating oil which is available online in a 2.4 Oz bottle.

For enhanced results you can also consider Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil which is one of the latest product from Hoppe’s.

This oil is prepared with specially formulated T3 additive that contains Liquid molybdenum and PTFE which provides long-lasting corrosion protection to your weapons in all environmental conditions.

8- Slip 2000 EWL

Based on our personal experience we have found Slip 2000 EWL as one of the best gun cleaning lube as it stays wet for more than 5 times than as compared to other traditional gun lubricants.

Slip 2000 gun cleaner lube also does not attract dirt, dust, sand, carbon, copper, lead, etc, making your firearms easy and fast to clean.

Not only has it helped in reducing the friction and wear but also to protect against any type of corrosion.

Being non-toxic and non-hazardous it is completely safe for health and nature. Also it won’t burn off as like petroleum products and is thus safe to use on all types of metal, wood, plastic parts.

9- Lucas Gun Oil

LUCAS gun oil is one of the best recommended and used by firearms manufacturers and users.

This gun oil package comes with 4oz of Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil #10877 & 1oz of Lucas Extreme Duty Needle Oiler #10875.

The highly effective Lucas Gun Oil is formulated specifically for firearms that involves high volume, high heat and friction.

Lucas oil products are best suited for full auto firearms, SBRs, suppressors, semi-auto rifles, shotguns and pistols.

10- G96 Gun Oil

G96 Gun Oil and CLP can also be your choice if you wish to keep your firearms lubricated and in good working condition.

It is one of the best gun oil to buy online which helps to keep your firearms free from getting jammed and out of function.

The gun oil by G96 is formulated by combining great additives that protects your gun from all types of environmental issues.

As it contains no VOC’s and is 85% biodegradable it’s completely safe to use on polymers.

After cleaning your weapons with G96 Bore Solvent or G96 Crud Buster, you can use this G96 Gun Oil for enhanced protection and performance.

By keeping the firing pin and other moving parts lubricated and in good working condition, it assures wonderful firing shots every time you use your firearm.

Besides the above best options, there are brands such as Remington, Rem, M-Pro 7 and many others which are still popular.

If you are not convinced by the above options, you just need to do your research to find the best suited gun cleaning solvent and oils based on your requirement.

Important Things to Consider While Using Gun Cleaning Solvent and Oil

We hope that we have made it easier for you to choose the best gun cleaning solvent through our above top 10 list of best gun cleaning solvents and oils.

Now when you have decided to buy and use the best gun solvent and oil, there is lot more you need to learn about using it efficiently to achieve the desired results.

Below are few tips for you which will help in using these solvents in an easy and safe way:

Use Gun Vise: Secure your gun for cleaning using a good gun vise (avoid using traditional bench vise). This will help in avoiding the damages made to the gun parts or any getting the scratches inside the barrel.

Use Gun Cleaning Mat: Gun cleaning solvents like your CLP often get leak if not handled properly. This can ruin your surface and even other gun cleaning gears present in your kit.

It is therefore important that you use a good gun cleaning mat to cover your surface. This will save the surfaces in case any solvent spills off.

Also make sure that you tighten the lid or bottle cap before storing so that any leakage is avoided.

Overall, choosing and using the best gun cleaning solvent is not a tough job when you have followed all the above tips and ideas.

So buy one for your firearms and keep them safe all the time from the unwanted damage caused.

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