Top 10 Best Gun Cleaning Kit Reviews

Gun cleaning kit is a necessary item for shooters. And every shooter who owns a gun needs to have a most innovative gun cleaning kit to keep their weapons clean and in a proper working condition.

Advanced gun cleaning kit seems to be a perfect option for all gun owners, including clay shooters, pistol target shooters and rifle shooters.

Hoppe's Elite Gun Kit

Why Gun Cleaning Kit Is Important?

Cleaning your gun and preparing it for next usage is very important after each usage. If you take proper care of your guns regularly you will be rewarded with best performance and accuracy by your gun.

Keeping your gun or firearms dirty for long can actually make more damage to its inner parts making it useless once and for all. Moisture (usually in cold weather) is also one of the major reasons which when deposited on your firearms can make them useless, if left ignored for long.

Snow, rain, fog, saltwater, etc. are few other conditions which can be a problem for your firearms. You need to learn about how to take precautions so that you can keep your guns safe.

Investing your time to maintain and clean your guns is therefore important. This can be made simple and enjoyable by using the right type of cleaning kit for your firearms.

Gun cleaning kit actually helps you in making all your cleaning process hassle free, fast and efficient. It helps in keeping your gun field friendly all the time and you can just use your firearms whenever you want without worrying about the low performance.

Gun Cleaning Kit: What It Includes?

Regardless of the gun bore and brand, a gun cleaning kit cleans all parts of a weapon in a much effective manner making your job easier and efficient.

An advanced cleaning kit includes more than 40 cleaning elements that can be used with all shotguns, rifles and pistols. Equipped with sophisticated lines of bronze barrel and chamber cleaning brushes, these kits are essential items in a shooter’s bag.

Major components in a gun cleaning kit include:

  • Bronze/Nylon Brush
  • Double-end Brushes
  • Cleaning Swab
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Cleaning Jag
  • Cleaning patches
  • Cleaning Rods
  • Cleaning Solvent
  • Bore Snake

Some kits has elaborated gun maintenance DVD guide that helps users to clean the gun in the best possible manner.

One major feature of gun cleaning kits is that it comes with cleaning accessories for perfect cleaning. They mostly come in a beautiful nylon case with a lock and key for improved security. Target shooters are offered with a small pouch in the kit that is for keeping a couple of parts of the one or two guns you are taking to the range.

So, choose the most advanced gun cleaning kit for keeping your weapons clean always thereby improving the performance. You can now buy the best gun cleaning kit online where these are available at a much affordable price. Do not forget to compare some of the best brands and options available before choosing the one that is best suitable for you.

To make it easy for you, we have just listed down the 10 best gun cleaning kits on the market. You can check out the features and content of these top gun cleaning kits to decide for the best option you need.

Top 10 Best Gun Cleaning Kit To Check

1. Hoppe's No. 9 Cleaning Kit with Aluminum Rod, .38/.357 Caliber, 9mm Pistol

*100 percent designed and tested for the toughest situations and environments

*Includes one 2 oz. bottle cleaning solvent and one 2.25 oz. lubricating oil with Brush

*Best for .38, .357 and 9mm pistols

*4.3 Star Rating Out of 5

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here
2. Hoppe's Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

*3-piece universal aluminum cleaning rods

*Includes 5 swabs and 4 slotted ends

*9 phosphor aluminum brushes fit variety of calibers

*Shotgun and pistol adaptable

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here
3. Science Purchase Universal Hand Gun, Rifle & Shot Gun Cleaning Kit

*Universal gun cleaning accessory kit

*24 piece set that Fits pistols, shot guns and rifles

*Brass and Metal Made with an Aluminum case for easy transporting

*Two sets of rods work for shotguns, rifles, and pistols

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here
4. Outers 25 - Piece Universal Wood Gun Cleaning Tool Chest (.22 Caliber and up)

*Brass cleaning kits with Attractive aged-oak finished wood construction

*Universal components to cover cleaning duties for a large variety of firearms

*Strong, solid brass rods with high-quality tips, mops and brushes

*Custom parts organizers providing convenient and organized access to contents

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here
5. DAC Winchester Super Deluxe Soft Sided Gun Care Case (68-Piece)

*Designed in the USA with quality materials

*Winchester super deluxe cleaning kit with quality tested and safety approved

*68 Piece Set with Soft Sided Case

*Proven results and performance with DAC

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here
6. Remington Hunting Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

*Rem Squeeg-E removes all dislodged barrel debris in just one pass

*Sturdy, coated Rem Flex Rod Cables help protect barrel finish

*Machine-washable Rem Pad (28"" x 12") velcro'ed in the bag protects surface and stores easily

*Rem All In Bore Cleaner offers high-performance on carbon, plastic, lead and copper fouling

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here
7. Elite Cleaning System

*Specifically designed for .17 to .50 caliber rifles and pistols

*Comes with Over 40 firearm-specific cleaning components in a nylon case

*Optics cleaning gear for care and maintenance of scopes, rangefinders and more

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here
8. M-Pro 7 Advanced Small Arms Cleaning Kit with Leatherman MUT

*Bit expensive but Complete gun cleaning kit

*Designed for and by U.S. Soldiers and It Contains items specifically requested by soldiers

*Comes with 3 BoreSnakes, 150 Patches; 3 Phosphor Bronze Brushes, 3 Nylon Brushes, and 3 Brass Jags (5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm) and Lockable plastic case

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here
9. Kleenbore Gun Care Universal Cleaning Kit

*Comes with best cleaning components in the industry

*Neatly and securely packed using a tray, reusable polypropylene storage and carrying case

*Includes a plastic muzzle guard to protect the crown of the barrel

*Includes 2 oz bottle of Break-Free CLP, double-ended nylon utility gun brush, Silicone Gun and Reel Cloth and 100% cotton patches

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here
10. Otis Elite Cleaning System with Optics Cleaning Gear

*Breech-to-muzzle cleaning System

*Bronze bore and chamber brushes along with Nylon coated memory flex rod with compression welded fittings

*Over 40 firearm-specific cleaning components in a nylon case

*Optics cleaning gear for care and maintenance of scopes, rangefinders and more

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

5 Essential Tips for Buying A Just Right Gun Cleaning Kit

Buying a good gun cleaning kit is not an easy task in itself as there are many varieties available. And for this reason there are many things that should be understood before you plan to buy a right kind of gun cleaning kit for your use.

Here we list down some of the important things you need to check before making the final decision of buying a kit:

1- Type of gun you want to clean: First of all it is quite important that you know about the kind of gun you want to clean. For instance gun cleaning kit for cleaning your long arms (like rifles and shotguns) are much different than a kit required for cleaning hand guns.

Kits for cleaning the long guns like rifles often comes with additional accessories such as snakes (long rope like strips of cloth). These are required for clearing up the barrel where a good amount of unwanted debris has been deposited. Accessories like these are of no use if you want to clean your pistol or hand gun.

2- Size of the kit: Physical size of the kit you are considering to buy is also one of the most important factors to check. Especially if you love hunting you need to service your gun often times in the field and for your convenience you will need to get a compact gun cleaning kit that is easy to pack and carry (in your hike bag) while you are transporting.

But as assembling down a most comprehensive compact kit may take much time in the field you can consider purchasing a small kit which is less comprehensive for the use in the field. As a serious hunter or shooter you can invest additionally in a more comprehensive kit for engaging yourself in a cleaning task when you are back to home after the enjoyment.

3- Check the contents: Cleaning kit for gun is not something you need to buy again and again. It is therefore essential that you check about it carefully before making a final decision. The best gun cleaning kit you are considering should come with a label which indicates all the contents it includes.

It will help you know about what you are paying for and what you are getting. Reading the description, reviews and customer feedback also helps you know much about the quality and performance of the kit you are choosing. If required you should go and ask the questions from the people who are knowledgeable in the area or had bought the same kit previously.

4- Price of the cleaning kit: Besides all the above tips it is important to check that you do not end up buying a most expensive kit when you do not actually require it.

Gun cleaning kit for sale comes in a range of $25 to $150 and investing in a costliest kit does not necessarily mean that you are going to get the best kit for cleaning your gun. Instead check about your requirement and budget before you make the final decision.

A cheaper kit can do similar jobs for you and it is not at all advisable to invest in very expensive gun cleaning kit.

5- Warranty and return policy: Warranty policy of the kit and its duration is important to check before you buy one online. Also make sure about the returning condition just in case you do not like the kit or if it gets broken.

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