7 Best Gun Cleaning Cloths, Rags and Towels – Wipe your guns clean

7 Best Gun Cleaning Cloths, Rags and Towels – Wipe your guns clean

Part of the safety of the gun is keeping it clean all the time if not it can build up and affect performance.

To avoid malfunction and to ensure a pleasant shooting experience, it is best to use a proper cloth to keep your gun clean.

Whether you are a professional shooter or an amateur, the below list and a handful of tips will help you choose the best gun cleaning cloth.

Why You Need A Gun Cleaning Cloth?

A clean gun shoots perfectly. However, the gun would not work properly if you neglect it.

Without adequate cleaning, your weapon will never work smoothly. Cleaning your weapon should be a natural sensation.

Whether you use it regularly or not, if you keep it in the bin for months without cleaning it, the gun would end up dusty and it can rust very soon.

Even if you have the most expensive gun in your locker, you will find it filled with dust, debris, and rust.

Consequences of a dirty gun

  • It can be dangerous
  • Precision is impaired
  • Shortens the life of the gun



Top 7 Best Gun Cleaning Cloths and Rags

While you clean the rest of your home, office, or environment, you must pay special attention to the equipment as well.

And for this reason, buying the best cleaning accessories is important when it comes to gun cleaning.

With the abundance of options available on the market, do not be confused as we limit your choice by rating the best products based on their popularity, portability, versatility, and durability.

1- Otis Technology Microfiber Cloth

The Otis microfibre cloth can be used to clean different surfaces of a gun.

This pack of 3 comes in 12 inches by 8 inches reusable towels are ideal for firearms, tools, and knives as well as for the optics.

The Otis microfibre cloth can be used to clean different surfaces of a gun. This pack is ideal for guns, tools, and knives as well as for the optics.

Features of Otis Technology microfiber cloth are listed below:

  • Reusable and comes in 3 packs
  • Ideal for guns, tools, and knives as well as for the optics


2- The Rag Company Gun Cleaning Towels

This microfibre cloth kit contains the following cleaning wipes:

  • Six dark grays and 6 black epoxy resin micro-fiber towels for universal cleaning
  • 6 light gray, white and/or black (depending on the availability of colors)
  • Knitted 6 inches by 7 inches lens microfibre cloths for use with all optics and weapon parts
  • One 12 inches by 12 inches soft and silky microfiber suede, gray and black, for cleaning/polishing/ polishing metals and optics

3- Pro Shot Gun Care Silicone Cleaning Cloth

Pro-Shot cleaning cloth is made of 100% cotton flannel. These absorb debris and transport them through the bore with minimal abrasive contact with the scratches.

Features of 100% cotton flannel cloth by Pro-Shot are:

  • Known worldwide for their superior consistency and cleansing power
  • 100% American cotton flannel fabric coated on both sides to absorb debris and debris

These rags carry the fouling through the hole, whereby the contact with the running scratches is as small as possible

4- Hoppe’s No. 9 Silicone Gun And Reel Cloth

One of the most important component of your gun cleaning is it’s a good gun cleaning cloth. Hoppe’s No.9 Silicone Gun and Reel Cloth is what you need.

A perfect gun cleaning cloth ideal for cleaning old shot guns the one specifically has old finishes susceptible to corrosion.

With the cloth like this, you can always make sure you are all set to give your firearm a thorough wipe along with a protective layer of silicone that ensures your gun stays in good condition for long.

The best part about this gun cleaning cloth is it’s comes with compact size soaked in silicone.

It easily removes fingerprints and coats your gun as well as also used to clean your fishing equipment giving a protective finish.

Easy to carry, it is compact hence; provides a quick maintenance anywhere in the field.

This makes a great cloth which provides a final wipe down of your firearms before storing. Available on Amazon with a full refund guarantee if not happy with the product.

5- New Premium White T-Shirt Material Cloth Rags

If you are looking for something very basic with no frills and nothing costly, then this New Premium white T-shirt material cloth rags will be great choice. It is 100% cotton, it works, and it is cheap.

The best part about this cloth rag is they are quite absorbent with a perfect combination of thin and durable.

The cloth is fantastic for not only cleaning your firearm but can be used for cleaning your fishing equipment as well. These cloth rags are fantastic to keep them handy and use them as a patch.

If you are looking for something with no fancy and frill, but a basic cloth; it will answer your question.

The cloth is lint free and can be used for multiple purposes such as varnishing, cleaning paint spills, general cleaning, dusting and polishing.

6- Remington Rust Preventative Rem Cloth

If you are looking for a nice sized that doesn’t use silicone, then Remington MoistureGuard Rust preventive rem cloth is the ideal one to buy.

The cloth fabric measures up to 10 inches square and it is treated with Rem oil.

Properly cleaning and caring for your guns requires special equipment. Remington MoistureGuard Cloth is made from microfiber material and it is lubricant free which ensures to take care of your guns and fishing reels.

It removes fingerprints and potentially corrosive epidermal oils. These cloths fit easily in your pocket or a fanny pack for use right in the field.

It gives you a protective and a beautiful finish Moistureguard (VCI) Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor technology provides long-lasting protection against the harshest elements.

You can choose it at home for a care-free storage or at camp to quick clean the outside of your firearm after a long day in the field.

7- Southern Bloomer Classy Cottom Rag

They come in a bag of 12 and the size is 12 inches by 12 inches, they are 1 square foot.

This size is ideal for cleaning the exterior part of the gun. It is not as big as a towel or too small like a gun cleaning patch.

The cleaning cloths of the Southern Bloomer do not contain lint or threads.

They are made of 100% knitted cotton. The Southern Bloomer’s Classy Rag is super soft and can absorb dirt and dust like no other cleaning cloth.

Different Types of Gun Cleaning Cloth

We all know that weapons cost almost a fortune. Even if it does not cost a fortune, it is considered a costly investment.

Spending a little amount on your gun maintenance is a great choice because it’s better than buying a new expensive weapon.

Choosing the best gun cleaning cloth is what can ease your task. Before we come to the list of best gun cleaning cloths lets discuss the types available in the market.


The rag is a different material made typically from microfibers because they can absorb and attract dust and dirt like a magnet.

Gun cleaning rags are mainly used for clearing dust and also ideal for light cleaning and a not great idea for cleaning oily/greasy effect on the gun, this is due to the fact that the ragged material is too soft for heavy cleaning.

However, they are great for clearing up firearms, cannons and removing dust, dirt, and fingerprints.


The towel is known to be much larger than rags. With towels, you can clean large guns such as rifles after hunting or shooting.

Cleaning your guns with towel prevents oil. This protects everything that you clean with your gun and prevents the round parts from rolling and getting lost.

Use light towels and do not use a black towel.

Cloth vs. Patches

The patches are very useful in the gun cleaning field, especially for me. When I am short on time, it is super quick and easy for me to pick one up and wipe the weapon.

While gun cleaning cloths and patches are made up of similar material (absorbent, lint-free as well as durable) these differ only in size.

At most of the times, I start with a gun cleaning towel and as it gets older or as I require, I cut them into pieces to convert it into the small handy patches.

Factors to Consider When Buying Gun Cleaning Cloth

If you are thinking of purchasing the right cleaning cloth for you, then you should consider a few things first. For novices, you should start by selecting the right material.

A cotton is surely a good option, but a lot of cloth choose microfiber. Several cleaning clothes are treated with some kind of specialty cleaning chemical, majorly silicone.

Usually, I prefer to go with a plain old regular cloth, but it is completely your personal preference and the kind of cleaning you wish to do.

No matter what option you choose, you just have to ensure that it is long-lasting, absorbent and lint-free.


The major point to consider is the selection of the material. Gun cleaning clothes are usually made of 2 materials: cotton and microfiber.

For beginners, you should go for cotton. It is majorly a personal preference, but often people go for microfiber.

Because of obvious reasons, I feel cotton rags are more absorbent and helpful in cleaning guns. While cotton is simple to use, long-lasting and more absorbent, it is also simpler to cut your cotton cloth into patches.

But, cotton has its own downsides. Cotton rags can be re-used, but not as conveniently as microfiber.

Cotton cleaning cloths are usually “one and done” kind of clothing. While microfiber is a little costlier but can easily be washed out and put to re-use. So, in my opinion, this is the benefit of microfiber cloths.

The microfiber cloths have a tendency to smear things rather than absorbing them and hence aren’t recommended for the removal of excess oil or fingerprints.

Hence, this is why I ignore them, but they certainly have established a place of their own in gun cleaning market.


When you talk about gun cleaning cloth, you will come across a lot of options which have been treated with silicone. It is the most commonly used chemical because of its corrosion-resistant properties.

The only problem with it is that the treatment doesn’t stay forever and it makes the cloth less absorbent.

It is hard for the cloth to wipe out oil and other solvents when it has already absorbed silicone.

Such kind of rags are good for storage and to wipe out fingerprints or to provide a quick wipe-down to your firearms before keeping them back in the safe.

But, if you wish to cut one of these into patches, or use it to soak solvent, then you may have a bad time.


Overall when cleaning a gun, it should not be a complicated task. In fact, cleaning the gun is easy, but you will need a suitable cleaning cloth to make it sparkle.

Always remember that the most important part to the clean gun is the metal part. The polymer and wood parts do not require much cleaning, as they are only intended to improve the aesthetics.

Also, since the polymer and the wood are easy to scratch with respect to the metal, you should always clean it perfectly with a soft cleaning cloth.

Gun Cleaning Cloths
  • Working, Pricing, Durability

Best Gun Cleaning Cloths

Hoppe’s No. 9 Silicone Gun And Reel Cloth is my ultimate best…

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