Frankford Arsenal EZ Sonic Cleaner

Frankford Arsenal EZ Sonic Cleaner (Sports)

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Frankford Arsenal EZ Sonic Cleaner is an ideal choice for shooters who want to clean their guns at home.

Other than gun, you can use this Frankford Arsenal Sonic Cleaner to clean out any kind of dirt stuck to gun parts like brass cases.

The cleaning process with this cleaning machine is really simple. All you need to do is to preheat the cleaner to desired level and then go ahead with immersing required objects inside the brass cleaning solution.

With storage capacity of .75 liters the cleaner holds a capability to clean up to 125 pieces on a single run. The timer attached to the cleaner will let you select the required time to run the cleaning process.

Another great advantage is that you need not tag along the equipment as Frankford Arsenal EZ Sonic Cleaner will let out a beep sound once the cleaning is complete.

Also you need not worry about the cleaning of equipment. It contains a panel that can be removed, washed and dried once the use is complete.

You just need to be careful to ensure that the equipment is fully dried and out of moisture. The light weight feature is yet another attractive feature allowing easy carrying options.

The Frankford Arsenal EZ Sonic Cleaner provides great value for your money and helps you with a perfect and hassle free cleaning solution for gun and pistol at home.

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