What Is The Best Way to Clean AK-47 Rifle?

What Is The Best Way to Clean AK-47 Rifle?

Anyone who owns a gun, which includes an AK 47 Rifle, knows that it is extremely important that you keep your gun clean.

The inability to keep it clean of debris and other contaminants will have a negative impact on the operation of your gun.

Many people have their own opinions of how frequently they should clean a gun in order to keep it in perfect working order.

What You Will Need?

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your AK 47 rifle it is very important that you have a complete gun cleaning kit designed especially for an AK 47 like yours.

This is important because it should include tools that make it easier to get to all areas inside the rifle.

There are many different brands of cleaning kits, but you will want to be sure that it includes all the items listed below:

  • 6 Threaded steel rods with durable black e-coating and swivel tip combine to form a 28.5″ rod
  • T-handle
  • 62mm bore brush
  • Gas Tube Nylon Brush
  • Gas Tube Mop
  • Nylon Slotted Tip
  • AK47 Drift Pin Punch with Gas Port Scraper Tip
  • Bore Illuminator/Safety Flag
  • Chamber Brush
  • Compact AK47 Carbon Scraper
  • 50 – 1.5″ X 3″ Cleaning Patches
  • Bottle of gun cleaner


Real Avid Gun Boss AK-47 Cleaning Kit is one of the best that includes all these accessories for cleaning and maintaining your AK-47 PERFECTLY. You may check this kit here at Amazon.

Step By Step Cleaning Guide For An AK 47 Rifle


Below is a complete, easy to follow step by step cleaning guide that will help you to keep your AK 47 Rifle in good working condition at all times.

Step #1 – Prepare a large enough area to lay out your cleaning supplies and your rifle. Be sure to put down a towel or cloth.

Step #2 – Be sure to inspect your rifle before you begin by ensuring that there are no rounds in the chamber and no magazines loaded.

Step #3 – Begin disassembling the AK 47 by first removing the receiver cover, you do this by holding the buttstock in one hand and using the thumb of the other hand to push forward on the end of the recoil guide.

Then by lifting the cover away from the receiver, it will pop out of place.

Step #4 – Next you will need to remove the recoil guide and spring.

With the cover removed you can grab the recoil guide and spring with one hand and by pushing them forward and upward to remove them from the slot in the receiver. Once you clear the slot and lifting out of the bolt carrier.

Step #5 – Next is to remove the bolt carrier, to do this you want to be sure the safety is in the fire position and by grabbing the bolt handle and pulling it back to its full length of travel.

Grab the bolt carrier assembly and while lifting it pull it out of the receiver and pull it out from the gas tube and handguard assembly.

Step #6 – Remove the bolt head from the carrier. To do this grab the bolt head with one hand and twist it until it comes out of the locking groove.

Using the other hand, you pull the bolt head out for the front of the carrier.

Step #7 – Next comes the gas tube/handguard assembly. To remove the gas tube you need to twist the locking lever to the 11 o’clock position and by lifting the end of the handguard and pull it back out of the gas tube.

Step #8 – Your AK 47 is now fully broken down and ready for the cleaning to start.

Step #9 – Start cleaning with the barrel by using a cleaning rod with the bore brush that has been soaked in gun cleaner.

Run the brush all the way through the end of the barrel and repeat 10 full times (note: be sure to remove the brush end before pulling the bore brush out and put the brush back on when reinserting the brush).

Step #10 – To complete barrel cleaning use several dry patches attached to a cleaning rod. Be sure to follow the same process of removing the patch before withdrawing the rod.

Use as many patches as it takes to remove all cleaner from the inside of the barrel.

Using a patch covered in lubricant push the rod through the barrel to distribute the lubrication evenly the length of the barrel.


Step #11 – Carefully inspect the receiver for any debris and remove any debris that you find using a soft wire brush.

Step #12 – Using a q-tip soaked in bore cleaner wipe down inside the carrier to remove any caked-on dirt and grime.

Step #13 – Using another q-tip dipped in gun oil apply a liberal coat of oil on all of the parts inside the carrier.

Step #14 – Using a q-tip soaked in bore cleaner to clean the inside of the gas tube. Be sure to pay close attention to all of the openings to ensure that none of them are clogged.

Be sure that the gas tube is completely dry and never allow any lubricant to touch the gas tube, any lubricant can cause a catastrophic failure.

Step #15 – Lubricate the gas tube take lever by placing a drop of gun oil on the lever.

Step #16 – To reinstall the gas tube and handguard you simply reverse the process of Step #7.

Step #17 – Clean the gas piston, which is located on the front half of the bolt carrier with a liberal amount of bore cleaner.

Let the gas piston dry and do not put any lubricant on the piston.

Step #18 – Next clean the bolt and bolt face using a q-tip soaked in bore cleaner. Be sure that you get into all of the nooks and crannies to get any and all dirt and grime.

Using gun oil on a q-tip lubricate the bolt and bolt face.

Step #19 – Reinstall the bolt face shaft into the bolt and place the assembly back into the carrier. With everything lined up twist the bolt assembly into place in the carrier.

Step #20 – Slide the bolt carrier assembly into the gas tube

Step #21 – Pull the bolt carrier assembly to the back end of the receiver and then push the assembly down into its rail and then push the bolt carrier assembly all the way forward into place.

Step #22 – Next comes reinstalling the recoil and spring assembly back into place by pushing it back into the bolt carrier assembly, making sure that it clears the slot in the receiver.

Using your fingers push it back into place until it locks in.

Step #23 – Put the receiver cover back in place making sure that it is properly located behind the front sight. Everything is now back together and ready

Step #24 – Do a full function check by pulling back on the charging handle and release it so that it cocks the hammer and pull the trigger tom dry fire the rifle.

Repeat the process several times to ensure proper operation.

Step #25 – The last step is to wipe down the entire outside of the AK 47 rifle with a good lubricant to prevent any rust from forming on the outside of the rifle.

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