How to Clean Your Gun with Kano Kroil Cleaner?

How to Clean Your Gun with Kano Kroil Cleaner?

Keeping your firearms properly maintained means that they will stay clean, accurate, and last a long time.

While there are many different types of oils made for guns on the market, Kroil or Kano Kroil is arguably one of the best.

Over the years, a large following has developed for Kroil thanks to unique properties that make guns easier to clean and maintain.

What is Kroil?

Kroil is a penetrating oil that is one of the most popular on the market today.

Created in the laboratories of Kano, this particular blend of oil has the ability to enter the tiny spaces, cracks, and crevices of metal and other surfaces.

The result is that the bond that forms between rusting or oxidizing compounds is broken up.

As it breaks up the compounds, the Kroil dissolves the gums, dried grease, and other residue without affecting the metal itself.

The Kroil can even displace water which prevents further oxidation.

Standard oil has too much surface tension compared to Kroil. Which means that while it offers some protection, it is not as good in terms of removing rust or corrosion.

Plus, Kroil is often used to loosen frozen parts by providing the proper lubrication so they can move freely.

Kroil is quite good at getting into the tiny crevices that form in the metal, allowing for more residue to be loosened and removed with the proper gun cleaning equipment.

Continued use of Kroil gun cleaning helps to keep the gun clean by not allowing the residue to build up in these small cracks and crevices.

How to Clean a Gun with Kroil?

When you want to clean your gun with Kroil, you will obviously going to need a supply of Kroil gun cleaner oil to get started.

You will also need a gun cleaning kit that is designed for the weapon you own.

Depending on the kit it should include the following;

  • Cleaning Rod
  • Brass Patch Jag
  • Bronze Bristle Brushes
  • Cleaning Rag
  • Cotton Patches
  • Copper Solvent
  • Rust Preventative


Now that you have the right tools, you will need to follow the proper steps to clean the gun using Kroil gun cleaning method.

You start by unloading the weapon and making sure the chamber is clear. Once you have done that, you will need to do the following;

Get the cleaning rod, attach the bronze bristle brush, and put Kroil on it. You’ll want to brush the inside the barrel for at least 20 passes.

Afterwards, remove the bronze bristle brush and use the cleaning rag to remove the oil and residue from the cleaning rod.

Next, put on the patch jag and place the cotton patch on the jag. Add more Kroil and push the rod from the end of the chamber through the muzzle.

Let the patch fall off once it exits the muzzle. Pull the rod back through and add another cotton patch. Repeat the procedure until all the residue has been removed.

Once that is done, add a new cotton patch to the jag and put some copper solvent on the patch. Pass it from the chamber to the muzzle and let the patch fall off.

Repeat a couple of times. Wait a few minutes, then repeat again until you no longer see any copper residue which will appear blue-greenish on the patch.

Now, add a dry cotton patch and do the same thing to remove all the copper solvent.

Finally, wipe down the cleaning rod, add a new cotton patch, and apply the rust preventative. This will keep the inside of the barrel from oxidizing.

Now you have completed the cleaning procedure which will protect your weapon until the next time you use it.

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