How To Clean A Gun With Household Items?

How To Clean A Gun With Household Items

Cleaning a gun without the need for a cleaning kit seems to be a difficult task. But it is preferably a simple process in a favorable condition and can be also done by using some household items you already have in your home. During the process of cleaning a gun, the main intention is to … Read more

How To Clean An Old Rusty Gun Barrel? (DIY Tips and Steps)

how to clean rusty gun barrel

Prudent scrutinizing and frequent cleansing of the gun will promote effective utility and shooting safely. Sediments and residues of impurities can be visualized inside the barrel due to the tiny bang on the chamber when the trigger is pulled. This condition makes it essential to clean the gun barrel regularly to avoid malfunctions. The owner … Read more

Stainless Steel Vs Blued Guns: Which Is Better?

Whether you are a professional shooter or an amateur like me, you already know the importance of bluing a gun. Part of the safety of the gunmetal is keeping it clean and protected all the time if not it can build up and affect the performance. And that’s where bluing comes handy. Due to the … Read more

Bore Snake vs Cleaning Rod: Which Is Better?

bore snake vs rod

It’s been a long day at the range. You and your friends have had some fun competing on who’s the best shot, comparing your different firearms, and talking about the different customizations you want to do. Now that you’re running out of ammo and the sun is setting, it’s time for that relaxing, time-honored tradition … Read more

How To BLUE A Gun at Home? [Best Bluing Kits]

Reblue a Gun

Though not commonly discussed, rebluing a gun is an important process for maintaining your firearm’s look and utility. By rebluing your weapon, you can ensure that it maintains a superior look and feel without sacrificing functionality or safety. While rebluing can be done professionally, and perhaps should be for some more expensive guns, you can … Read more

How to Clean Your Gun with Kano Kroil Cleaner?

kroil gun cleaner

Keeping your firearms properly maintained means that they will stay clean, accurate, and last a long time. While there are many different types of oils made for guns on the market, Kroil or Kano Kroil is arguably one of the best. Over the years, a large following has developed for Kroil thanks to unique properties … Read more

How to Take Bluing Off A Gun?

How to Take Bluing Off A Gun

One of the worst things that can happen to your rifle is rusting. If your rifle, or any firearm, rusts, it can become virtually unusable. Bluing is a process used to create a thin protective coat around the steel of your firearm in order to stave off rust and other damage. However, there are a … Read more

What Are Jags Used for In Gun Cleaning?

The jag itself is rather simple, an attachment that is found at the end of a cleaning rod. They tend to be sharp and pointed to do their work. The primary purpose of a jag is to hold the cleaning patch in place as it moves up and down the gun barrel. There are different … Read more

How to Clean and Lube Your AR 15 After Shooting?

how to clean your ar 15

Cleaning your AR-15 rifle after shooting corrosive ammo doesn’t have to be difficult. If you know your AR-15 gun needs cleaning but are new to the whole shebang, it’s time to use this guide to learn how to clean your gun after shooting. Doing so can help you make sure your AR 15 is clean … Read more