Hello friends, I am Marc and I live here in Alaska with my wife and daughter.

Shooting is one of the favorite hobbies for many all around the world. While there are some who enjoys it as a yearly trip, there are many others who loves to enjoy this leisure activity every weekend with their friends.

Also there are many who even invest their huge part of their income and extra time to turn their hobby into something bit larger.


However when it comes to shooting and enjoying it as a part time hobby, there comes a hectic part for all of us – its cleaning of our firearms!

And this is something which inspired us to start UltrasonicGunCleaner.net.

As we are passionate about shooting and hunting, we take gun cleaning seriously and that is what makes us enjoy our shooting most.

Started small with just about ultrasonic gun cleaners and devices, we now plan to make this even bigger.

Our Plan

With a goal in our mind – to provide our valuable readers a single place that comes with all the gun cleaning information – we are planning to take UltrasonicGunCleaner.net to the next level.

With our brilliant resourceful guides, reviews, and recommendations you can be rest ensured that you only get most reliable information about gun cleaning here. We do our best so that you are completely satisfied with your experience.

As we strive to be an authority on gun cleaning devices and accessories, all the reviews we plan to offer will be honest keeping consumer in mind.

Our Team and Interests

We are basically a group of 4 experts who are passionate about sporting, shooting and hunting.

We know how hard it is to get our guns cleaned, especially when we need them soon for our next shooting session.

With our own gun cleaning experience (and hassles we faced), we decided to develop this site to help young shooters and enthusiasts who want to clean their guns hassle-free at home.

Our experiences and interests may vary, but one thing that’s common in all of us is our desire to find the best gun cleaning devices and gear possible.

From ultrasonic gun cleaning equipment to accessories like cleaning solutions, lubricating oils, cleaning brushes, rods, bore snake, etc. all are our best friends while cleaning our guns, pistols and rifles.

What’s Next

As we believe that life is very short to enjoy every minute, we encourage you to take your hobby seriously!

For those of you who are really passionate about shooting, will hopefully love our research work we have done here.

You may read our well researched content to know about the products we have tried, the things we liked most and the problems we faced.

No doubt, while reading all these in detail you can make smarter choice for you and can enjoy your shooting most by getting your guns and firearms cleaned better.

We value your opinion and we love hearing your thoughts.

Just in case you want to get in touch with us for any reason or suggestion, you can please contact us here.