ANGEL POS 4830 3L Ultrasonic Cleaner

ANGEL POS 4830 is a 3L ultrasonic cleaner which comes with stainless steel tank and basket. Great for use in industries, it is most suited for all types of metal cleaning, medical equipment and dental cleaning.

This cleaner also suits the need of all the gun parts cleaning for people who want to clean their guns at home or at industries.

This new generation cleaning equipment work in even damp environment or area for a longer period of time. Digital program is used in controlling the unit according to the condition & quantity of items needed to be cleaned.

It also comes with 5 heating temperature settings from 40 degree C (104F) to 60 degree C (140F) which makes the gun cleaning easy and effective.

Different working cycles are present and any one among them can be chosen for enhancing the efficiency of cleaning.

A removable mesh tray is provided for reducing the damage to cavitations or / and preventing transducers and also for positioning item in the tank in such a way for facilitating optimal cleaning.

Flow control valve and hose system help in draining water for making the rinsing and cleaning process efficient.

ANGEL POS ultrasonic cleaner is also available inĀ 6L ultrasonic cleaner variant which can be used as per the need.

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