The 5 Best Bullet Puller Hammer For Reloading

Bullet Puller

Not every bullet you load is going to come out the end of the muzzle. When a bullet gets jammed or needs to be removed, you will be thankful to have a proper bullet puller by your side.  A good bullet puller will remove the bullet from the weapon. And, it can be used to … Read more

How To Clean An Old Rusty Gun Barrel? (DIY Tips and Steps)

how to clean rusty gun barrel

Prudent scrutinizing and frequent cleansing of the gun will promote effective utility and shooting safely. Sediments and residues of impurities can be visualized inside the barrel due to the tiny bang on the chamber when the trigger is pulled. This condition makes it essential to clean the gun barrel regularly to avoid malfunctions. The owner … Read more

Stainless Steel Vs Blued Guns: Which Is Better?

Whether you are a professional shooter or an amateur like me, you already know the importance of bluing a gun. Part of the safety of the gunmetal is keeping it clean and protected all the time if not it can build up and affect the performance. And that’s where bluing comes handy. Due to the … Read more

Is WD40 Safe To Clean Your Guns or Firearms?

WD40 for gun

Whether you are just getting into guns or are simply a curious gun owner, there’s a chance you’ve asked yourself “Can I use WD-40 to clean my guns?” After all, WD-40 is one of the most common maintenance agents around. Generally, we think of WD-40 when someone mentions a squeaky door or chain that needs … Read more

How to Take Bluing Off A Gun?

How to Take Bluing Off A Gun

One of the worst things that can happen to your rifle is rusting. If your rifle, or any firearm, rusts, it can become virtually unusable. Bluing is a process used to create a thin protective coat around the steel of your firearm in order to stave off rust and other damage. However, there are a … Read more

The 10 Best Gun Cleaning Solvent And Oils

best gun solvent and oil

When looking for gun cleaning solvents, aerosols, CLP, and lubrication oils you may find it a bit challenging to choose the one that is just the right fit for your needs. While most of the time you need just a very few of them to clean and lubricate your firearms, there are instances when you … Read more

5 Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Solution Reviews

Ultrasonic gun cleaner solution

Ultrasonic technology is a modern way to clean up dirty guns, rifles, pistols and firearm parts at home and at gun cleaning shops. The process actually involves the usage of two basic things. These are: Ultrasonic gun cleaning device Ultrasonic gun cleaning solution While both of these are important for getting enhanced cleaning results, many … Read more

The 3 Best Gun Grease On The Market (For Shotguns, SIG and AR 15)

gun grease

The right gun grease can increase your gun’s functionality and help you get more out of every shot. In this guide, we’ll explore the nature and applications of gun grease so that you can give your firearm the care it deserves. Specifically, we’ll go over the necessity of greasing your gun slides and provide a … Read more

The 5 Best Gun Oil Substitutes for Quick Lubrication

gun oil substitute

If you’re looking to lubricate your gun but you’re not quite sure you want to use a gun oil you’re in luck. At present, there are many kinds of substitutes for oil available that you could be using instead. These gun oil substitutes are going to work for cleaning and protection purposes as well, just … Read more

Making A Homemade Gun Cleaning Solvent: Is It Really Worth?

DIY Gun Solvent

While gun cleaning seems to be a very simple job, it is not really as easy as it sounds to be. In fact, you need to be pretty careful with the kind of materials that goes into gun cleaning. Usage of proper tools along with the right ingredients is always required to clean your gun … Read more