Useful Tips for Cleaning Your Glock Pistol At Home

Using the firearms for hunting and shooting is the passion for many adults and professional shooters nowadays. But to enjoy the best performance proper cleaning and maintenance of the glock pistol is essential.

Gun cleaning is a fun aspect although it can be sometimes tedious and responsible task.

Due to the repetitive method of cleaning, a lot of people and shooters try to avoid it and finally get their pistol jammed and out of function.

Due to the common issues and problems faced in regular use of the Glock pistol, it is important to clean and enhance its strength maintaining its proper working condition and functions.

Once the field is stripped, the chamber and the barrel can be cleaned easily from the end of the chamber. During the process, the surrounded and interior areas of the receiver and the slide need to be cleaned along with the exterior part of the barrel.

To follow a perfect cleaning process, it is advised to use glock cleaning kit available in the market to ensure amazing functioning in every use of the pistol.

Steps for How To Clean Glock Pistol at Home

Disassemble the Glock Parts with Care Before Starting The Cleaning Process

First of all separate the parts of the glock pistol which begin with a release of the magazine safely to avoid accidents. The fingers must be outside the trigger guard to be safe.

Check the chamber with a few rounds to make sure that there are no bullets to get ejected. Check physically inserting finger in the chamber to be sure that it is empty to begin the cleaning process.

  • Disassemble the gun parts, starting with a push of the slide in the forward direction and slip it off to the side of the receiver.
  • Seize the recoil spring with the forefinger or thumb and compress it about 6mm to remove.
  • Grab the barrel by the bottom cart and draw out of the slide.
  • Check the barrel to assure that the bore is clear and use a bore brush with a good quality gun solvent to go through the chamber and to the muzzle side of the pistol.
  • Multiple passes need to be performed for a perfect cleaning of the chamber.
  • Separate the slide, barrel, recoil spring assembly, glide rod and receiver.
  • Use a toothbrush dipping in the solvent to clean the lug areas and wipe dry with a cloth.
  • In case of cleaning the barrel, Wet a cleaning patch with a glock cleaning solvent and thread all through the slotted tip with the help of a Glock cleaning rod to protect the bore interior from scratches.
  • Secondly, insert it into the breech end of the barrel and swab out the bore and chamber.
  • Work out for nearly 5-6 times through the entire length of the barrel to keep away the settled debris inside.
  • Follow every cleaning process spreading a glock cleaning mat on the platform of the table where the process sis started for safety and accurate cleaning of the firearm.
  • Now remove the patch fixed to the cleaning rod and restore with a brass bore brush.
  • Insert the rod into the barrel and scrub the whole area of the bore vigorously until the bore is shiny and clean when observed in the bright light.
  • Wipe the exterior of the barrel with a patch and dry out by swabbing. As the work of the barrel is finished keep it aside to let it dry.
  • Examine the guide and recoil slide assemble for any residue.
  • Use a clean cloth to clean the magazine and receiver surface.

Proper Tools Gives your Glock an Enhanced New Look with Better Performance

Shooting the aim point perfectly makes the hunting most enjoyable for shooters. And this can be only done when you have a better performing glock pistol handy.

Just like tools are best friends for a car mechanic (to make their job easier); the same way glock cleaning tools and kit are best loved by shooters for cleaning their pistol parts from time to time.

Ultrasonic glock cleaners are today used to make the tedious cleaning process easier. You can just get it done by separating the glock parts and placing in the cleaning machine with a cleaner solution.

The later process of cleaning is followed by the use of the kit and clean patches which cleans the left over stubborn deposits (if any) to give a shiny and new condition pistol in very less time. All the patches and kits are not same as some leave fluff in the bore and thus you need a good quality gun cleaning kit available in the market.

Finally get the parts, wipe dry to join again and get a good looking glock in your hand once again.

Now when cleaning the glock pistol seems so easy, why not clean it now to make your pistol function and work for a long time smoothly without any risk.

Check Out The Glock Cleaning Basics: Video

Popular Brands To Check for Gun Cleaning Products
Hornady Allen Company
Angel Pos Hoppes
Sharpertek Tipton
Generic KleenBore

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