Tipton 26 Piece Ultra Jag And Best Bore Brush Set

Tipton Ultra Jag / Brush Set

New From: $26.99 USD In Stock

This 26 piece ultra jag and best bore brush set, has the following dimensions- .17, .22, .243/6 mm, .270/7 mm, .30/32 mm,.338/8 mm, .3.5/9 mm, .375, .40/.416, .44 and .45 jags. For storing each caliber jag, there is a storage box of plastic with holes. The holes are marked for each caliber jag.

The brushes of all the jags that have bristles of 8 to 32 threads. The 17 caliber brush has 5 to 40 threads, and this is a standard bore brush. For the brushes the storage system provided is ultimate. They are organized in a very neat manner, and the hinged box has marked cavities.

This makes it very simple for the user to pick the right jag and the brush for the required application. All the brushes are caliber specific, making them the most apt one for cleaning the firearms. Through and efficient cleaning is assured.

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