Remington Rem Oil Wipes, Pop Up (7 x 8-Inch)

Rem Oil is the best and the most multipurpose and flexible gun oil to buy and use as the best lubricant for your tools and machines. Its advanced formula protects the firearms and maintains them well to run smoothly and look new in condition. This oil enters deep into the least metal pores, leaves a tough and long lasting film coat to reduce the metal to metal rust and wear.

It quickly displaces the microscopic traces of water to protect from the moisture. With its amazing and endless feature and applications, Rem oil wipes are the best to pack and carry everywhere in desired field to cut and make handy bore patches which are already completed with the Rem oil.

This oil cleans grime and dirt from the exposed surface of the metal. It protects the internal and external metal parts from rust and corrosion and proven to be affected at the temperature from -20 -120 degrees. It lacks the consistency of paraffin or CFC.

Popular Brands To Check for Gun Cleaning Products
Hornady Allen Company
Angel Pos Hoppes
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