Otis 316-3-NBBZ Gun Cleaning Brushes (Best Sellers)

The Otis 316 -3- NBBZ variety purpose receiver is a perfect choice to choose to complete the right project. Having one Nylon, Bronze and Blue Nylon brushes, it is considered as an all purpose brush to clean the hard and tough areas and scrub the settled copper, carbon and powder on the metals.

Available in a range of various tolerance, thee brushes are the cream of the crop in cleaning the residues and scrub with ability.


  • Softest Nylon brush shadowed by somewhat hard line nylon bristled brush
  • More hard and aggressive is the Bronze bristled brush
  • Presents you the ability to scrub the rough and deposited areas of copper, powder and carbon
  • Designed to use on automobile detailing, golf equipment, boats, Wood working, camping, Battery Terminals, firearms and much more.
Popular Brands To Check for Gun Cleaning Products
Hornady Allen Company
Angel Pos Hoppes
Sharpertek Tipton
Generic KleenBore

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