iSonic P4820-SPB25 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Commercial Ultrasonic cleaner iSonic P4820-SPB25 has twenty five minute timer. It helps in cleaning applications related to dental & similar ones that demand more time for getting cleaned well. Its capacity is 2.6 Qt/2.5 L. It is white in color and have plastic tray. It has heater and works in 110 V. Ultrasonic transducers used in it is of industrial grade and are 2 times durable and stronger than wafer transducers.

The stainless steel tanks are generously proportioned and are perfect for long silver-wear and dental instruments. Things that fit in include hygienist cassettes too. Stainless steel tanks are equipped for easy cleaning. This product is compact and suit small counter spaces.

Heater runs independently and do not depend on cleaning. It is at 149F/65C. This device is fortified with cooling fan that helps it to run for long durations. Safety of this device is ensured with the overheat protector. It prevents the device from being overused and in turn prevents overheating.

This device is quieter than many other products available in the current market. It has safety certifications. Internal certifications for safety (5 of them) including GS for Germany assure highest quality -as GS is the toughest standard that can be achieve by any product. Wire mesh basket (optional) is also available.

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