How to Clean a Suppressor or a Gun Silencer?

Guns and pistols are the favorite firearms for adventurous person today. These are most important for them to enjoy their hunting and shooting hobby.

However advanced cleaning is most essential to enhance the longevity of these guns so that one can shoot at the targets perfectly and smoothly without any trouble.

gun suppressor

Are you in search of the cleaning solutions that require minimum effort? And also  the perfect techniques to handle the delicate parts without any damage?

Let us jot them down for you, so that you can do it correctly and most efficiently at your home.

Need to clean gun silencer and suppressor

Every shooter follows safety measures to keep the firearm free from mud chunks. Most of the people just wipe their pistol or gun and lubricate them for better use next time. But this is not enough!

Gun silencer or suppressor is an overlooked part which many shooters miss out while performing the cleaning action.

The gun silencer and suppressor requires lots of maintenance due to eccentric on the muzzle. The main reason to clean them is to enhance its performance. Thus you need to look for the solutions and the cleaners to handle the tedious task efficiently without any hassle.

The fouling starts to increase inside the silencer that gives chance to accumulate around the mouth of the baffles finally making the contact with the bullet as it goes through the opening, performs wild shots and even make the condition worse.

Lack of servicing to some point will worsen the working condition leading to problems of shooting with frequency.

Method to clean the suppressor or a gun silencer

The more you use, the more you need to clean the gun silencer or suppressor. The carbon settles inside continuously due to low pressure and it is not an easy task to clean than imagined.

Initially, it is needful to go through the complete cleaning solution with the right steps to follow.

  • Soak the parts in the solution or use an ultrasonic cleaner that assures about to loosen and get cleaned of the fouling easily.
  • The chemical need to be a perfect choice without letting the use of another tool to clean the parts.
  • Take a large glass jar, tall and narrow in shape, add least quantity of chemical and immerse the silencer.
  • After certain hours of soaking, clean the parts and fix them to try its functions. Shoot to a certain range to know the condition of the silencer at various levels of heat.
  • Normally some people follow expensive soda blasting method based upon the use as some guns require a robust method to clean and maintain the parts before they wear down internally.

As most of the guns and suppressors have tiny holes, it becomes very tough to enter and clean the grime.

It is therefore good to use automatic gun parts cleaner such as iSonic ultrasonic cleaner which can ease your task of cleaning silencer and suppressor without any frustration .

Consequently, use safe chemicals and cleaners to keep your gun and parts in good condition for months.

Popular Brands To Check for Gun Cleaning Products
Hornady Allen Company
Angel Pos Hoppes
Sharpertek Tipton
Generic KleenBore

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