How To Clean A Gun After Shooting?

Inspecting the gun properly and cleaning it regularly will give standard functioning every time with safe firing. Due to the tiny detonation in the chamber whenever you pull the trigger, sediment and residue are left back inside the barrel, which makes it essential to clean your gun regularly so that you avoid any mishaps or dangerous breakdowns.

Gun shooting

How to clean a gun after shooting is an important concern; and sad to reveal that not many people care to do it well.

Shooters often question about the frequency of cleaning their gun, or whether they should clean their gun after every shot they make?

The truth is, Yes.

It becomes essential for you to clean a gun after every firing and target practice as it takes lots of rounds sometimes to make a good aim.

It is important that you regularly keep a check on the instrument so that any grease or dirt can be cleaned at the first place with ease.

To have a good maintenance and cleaning of the gun or pistol, here are the steps to follow and to clean the guns in a proper and systematic way.

Steps to follow while cleaning your gun

Unload your gun and handle safely

Take it as an important task to unload the gun and double check it to make sure that it is unloaded to pick and clean it. Keep in mind that your gun holds a round that is ready to fire, though you have removed the magazine. So, check the gun and remove the left out round. For safe handling you should consider using gun cleaning stand which makes your cleaning easier.

After opening the chamber, go through the barrel from every direction and make it sure that there is no round left inside. Never take the risk of considering the gun free from round until you check the barrel.


Get a standard cleaning kit

No matter whether you purchase a pre-assembled gun cleaning kit from your nearby sports store or assemble the required elements individually, the main thing to look after is to have all the best cleaning supplies in your weapon store.

The gun cleaning toolkit comes with the liquids, cleaning oils, brushes and other important instruments that aids in the cleaning process.

Clean out the gun barrel with patches and cleaning rods

Soak the bore using a cleaning rod, the right size cotton patches and patch holder and try to work from the back side of the bore if you can.

To clean thoroughly, push a solvent soaked patch into the bore until it comes out of the other end. This way you can clean the junk deposited effectively. Care that if you pull the patch back, it will redeposit the cleaned junk back. So avoid doing that.

Clean the barrel with bore brush

Remove the patch holder and attach the bore brush to loosen the settled debris. Reattach the patch holder and move the solvent soaked swab all through the bore and remove when it comes out from the front. Lubricate the barrel with a few drops of gun conditioner added to cotton swab to run through the bore and leave behind a thin coating of gun oil in it.

Clean and grease the action parts as it helps to prevent the rust to form. Use only a small amount of the lubricant oil. Wipe down the gun with a flannel cloth and add shine to it.

Lastly choose hard case or gun safe to store your gun safely until you need it again. This is essential to avoid any accidents that can happen with just a simple ignorance of your in handling it.

As such these are few basic steps involved with the procedure of cleaning your gun. You should follow them carefully so that you can maintain your gun well and good in long term.

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