How Pistol Safes and Accessories Helps In Gun Safety?

Many people have a passion towards guns and pistols of different models. Every one in ten members, shop for pistols for the sake of safety measure. Nowadays, small pistols are in demand for security reasons so as to protect valuables and life from burglars. Those who possess a licensed pistol or a gun need to take care it without causing any mishap.

Handgun owners need to contend to keep their firearms accessible in emergency situations and at the same time safe from kids and theft. To provide complete safety of the arm, you need to look for a best pistol or handgun safe, as a best way to protect it keep and place in a non reachable place.

With so many models, sizes and types available at online and offline stores, it may be bit difficult for you to choose a right safe for the pistol you own. Here the main factor which needs to be considered while choosing pistol safe is type, price, construction and level of security. Most of the people regard affordable pistol safe, under a seat car and at home with lock system that gives peace of mind in any situation.

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5 Basic Types of Pistol Gun Safes

With the range of different types of pistols available there are also the types of safes for them for keeping them securely.  Handgun safe with unique lock system are more in demand as they serve the best and suits to the needs of pistol owners.

You have standard key locks, pin safes, electronic locks and finger print recognition locks which serves in a better way. Most of these safes are battery operated and secure.

Here are some of the most common types of pistol safes for you to look at:

1- Electronic lock gun safe: This pistol safe has an electrically operated keypad with the marvelous locking system and a small LCD screen. It is because the electronic keypad is programmable for 4, 5 or 6 digit code, and can often be programmed for more security, if any unauthorized person has gained knowledge of the access code.

2- Biometric Gun safe: This safe has a locking mechanism with fingerprint recognition. This type of most popular among the pistol owners due to its quick access and top security level. Its high tech design makes it bit expensive safe. It is most secure and comes with an anti drilling steel plate to prevent unauthorized access.

3- Key lock gun safe: This handgun safe utilizes a standard lock which is very sturdy and reliable. However in case, if the key is misplaced or stolen, anyone who finds the key can access the safe. The lost keys can be replaced by a locksmith service that holds knowledge to provide the other set of pistol safe keys.

4- Wheel and Pin combination Lock pistol safe: Pin and Wheel combination pistol gun safes are the traditional safes that use a pin wheel and need to be turned in a certain order to achieve entry into the safe. It is resistant to fire, natural disaster and flood, but found to have dead spots on the wheel which is not a secure matter.

5- Multiple Lock Gun safe: This Gun lock safe has two different lock systems and allow the users to use any while providing the best safety to the gun.

Now when you have gained knowledge about the types of pistol safes its time to get additional knowledge about the accessories that can be bought with your pistol gun safe.

7 Gun Safe Accessories You Should Consider Adding To Your Safes

Are you one among those people who holds a gun either as a safety measure or as a sport? Either way it is obvious that you got hold of the gun and it’s officially news now. What happens if you get back to your house only to find out the fact that someone has stolen your licensed pistol? That will definitely lose your sleep!

Ignoring the theft part, what if your kid get hold of the gun? An aspirin bottle in our home is kept away from our kids then why not a gun.

Acknowledging these risk factors it is important to be reminded that a pistol or a gun needs to be guarded. And the best possible solution is to keep them in a pistol safe. No…. it is not necessary that you buy a brand new safe for your gun. Just invest some amount and make sure that you renovate your already available safe in a way that could accommodate your valuable treasure.

More gun safes have their own pre designed accessories along. The kind of accessories required to safeguard a fire arm depends entirely on the personal situation of the client. Nevertheless there are some common accessories that are required to keep your firearm in its best condition.

1. Dehumidifier for Gun Safe: Moisture can ruin anything and everything at home. Irrespective of paper works to guns all fall victim to moisture. Imagine a situation where in, you open your pistol case to find that your gun has started rusting.

The use of a gun safe dehumidifier comes to help you on this. Make sure you purchase a dehumidifier with utmost priority. Don’t bother yourself in spending some extra pennies on it. Once installed you can get rid of the worry about rusting as life time dehumidifiers are available nowadays.

2. Exterior Safe Lighting: Other top priority product while buying a safe is the lighting in it. Most gun safes have light settings that let you see the contents inside even in the darkest nights. Some safe comes with default light settings, but actually they are not bright enough. To be on a safer side it is always better to keep your safe containing fire arm in a location that’s not easily visible to human eyes. Dark room is the usual location to keep a fire arm safe.

An exterior lighting for your pistol safe is important in this case. These are designed to avoid carrying an external light every time you walk into the room. The exterior lighting accessory has a red or blue light attached to the equipment. This will not hinder your night vision or they are not meant to work as a security lock.

3. Interior Safe Lighting: As the name suggests such kind of lighting accessories are installed inside the safe. The internal lighting accessories are of two kinds, one that switches on automatically while the safe is opened. They stay on the active mode till the door is closed. Second kind is the battery operated lighting system that can be switched on and off manually. You can search for them online and shop as per your requirement.

4. Gun Racks and Drawers: Pistol safe and gun safes are usually small in sizes and do not have the capacity to accumulate extra items. But if you want to add extra space to your safe you can apply some techniques to it. So do not worry if you own a limited space safe. Gun safe racks are meant for this purpose and comes handy to solve this problem. They are metal holders of various sizes to hold guns and pistols.

Next additions that can be made on a safe are the drawers. It is possible that a safe you buy may not have drawers attached to it. This can be solved by adding it to them. The best thing about them is that they can be designed manually according to the safe model and can be fixed inside as per your requirement.

5. Pistol Holster: Pistol holsters as the name suggests holds gun without piling or stacking them inside your gun or pistol safe. Separate cabins are available to hold each pistol thus avoiding the risk of damage.

These pistol holster are available as a pouch model that could be attached to any space in the safe to hold each one of your pistols separately. Other than pistol holster, pistol racks are also available that could be used as part of space consumption.

6. Door Racks and Hangars: Door racks are the space inside the closing space on a pistol safe. They usually contain pistol pockets, or zipper pockets. Certain door racks also provide with a document holder that can be used to safeguard all the important documents concerned to fire arm.

Door organizers are available to safeguard any kind of gun. While some models designs their door racks exclusive to handle certain models, make sure to choose a door rack that will satisfy your needs.

7. Magazine Mount: Now done with tucking away your pistol, the next most important space required are magazines to hold the mount. They cannot be stacked at the bottom level of the safe as they may damage the mounts. Keeping it on any other space also calls for damage if you are in a hurry.

Now that will definitely skip a heartbeat. Avoid this by using a magazine mount. These clips contain a strip of plastic that can be attached on either sides or on the racks. It is advisable to avoid keeping mounts open doors keeping in mind the climatic condition.

To sum up, to maintain your firearm is as tedious as the process involved during its purchase. You can never let a happy breath that finally you have got hold of your possession. Although the above mentioned accessories are really important to guard your firearm, it is advisable not to just stop here.

If possible try installing fire protection device on your safe. Alarm accessories are also important. How much safe you keep your firearm there is always the risk to robbery. Hence install alarms on the safe to safeguard your firearm. Also make sure you have insured your firearm.

Now that you have taken all the precautions you can very well have a good night’s sleep…

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