Hoppe’s Lubricating Oil Bottle

This advanced lubricating oil in a 2-1/4 Oz bottle offers a better lubrication and protects every area of the weapon and firearms by reducing the wear and tear took place due to the friction.

It takes place while presenting a blockade against the moisture and deterioration. Well, this lubricating oil for fishing reels, firearms and the mechanism is a right product to purchase and makes it ideal oil for the firearms.

It holds high-viscosity oil advanced to excellence and is proved to be ideal for the precision mechanisms and weapons. It presents everlasting effects and experience and includes one 2-1/4 oz squeeze bottle. Being 100% designed and tested to handle the harsh environments and tough situations.

It provides a blockage for corrosion and moisture. Manufactured in USA and used worldwide as the best lubricant for weapons and other mechanism.

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