Making A Homemade Gun Cleaning Solvent: Is It Really Worth?

While gun cleaning sounds to be a very simple job, it is not really as easy as it sounds. You need to be pretty careful with the kind of materials that goes into gun cleaning.

Use of proper tools along with right ingredients is required to clean your gun properly.

Ignoring such special needs can permanently leave a scar on your gun and cause irreplaceable damage.

Gun solvent is one important element which cannot be ignored while cleaning your guns or antique firearms.

Below we provide important details about what it is, how to use it, how to make it at home along with the best brands to choose from in the market.

Check them out before you buy one for cleaning your firearms.

What Is Gun Solvent?

In simple terms, a gun solvent is a substance which is able to clean dry your gun and remove metal foul smell with minimal efforts from your side.

The ultimate purpose of having a gun solvent is to dissolve or loosen the carbon or metal fouling bore from gun so that you wipe dry the gun efficiently.

This will make ready your firearm for the next usage whenever you require them.

Why Are Solvents for Gun Cleaning Important?

As, only a clean gun can guarantee accuracy and great performance, gun cleaning solvent or agents should be readily available in stock with you at home.

In case you are planning to clean your gun quickly within no time, it can be done via bore snake by using a dab of CLP. However if your purpose is to clean your firearm completely, you will need different oils and cleaning solvents to make the task efficient.

In most cases when your gun becomes nonoperational due to one of the various factors (like moisture, condensation, rust, snow, high smoke or carbon deposit, etc), using a good gun cleaning solvent is one of the best things you can do for their maintenance.

Most of the gun cleaning kits on the market do not include gun cleaning solvent and for this reason you will need to buy it separately or try making it at home.

As each solvent available in the market is designed to work differently and to perform specific things, you need to research and buy them carefully so that it suits your purpose well and good.

Little below we have reviewed some of the best gun cleaning solvents that are available on the market. You can try them out for sure and make your job easier.

However if you are one of the DIYers like me, you will probably be interested in making a homemade cleaning solvent for your gun.

Here are few steps for you before we list down the top rated and best selling cleaning solvents in the market.

How To Make Homemade Gun Cleaning Solvent?

Buying gun solvents/oils from market every time you require a cleaning process can be tricky as well as time and money consuming. Instead you can think on making gun solvents by yourself in your home.

Making a gun cleaning solvent right in your home is an easy task and does not require you break your head in the creation process.

But you need to really careful when it comes to buying the right ingredient and the right mix of quality for your gun cleaning solvent substitute.

What are the basic ingredients you will need to make your own gun oil?

  • Firstly, buy automatic transmission fluid that is available in market. You can go with choosing the cheaper ones in store
  • Next is to have a ready store of kerosene that need to be combined with ATF purchased
  • Along with ATF and kerosene, you will also need good amount of odorless mineral spirit and acetone

Once you have all the gun cleaning solvent ingredients in place, go ahead with mixing it together in a metal bucket.

After the mixing process, wait for the chemical to set in and move the contents to a separate container. Choose the label for the container and keep your best household non toxic gun cleaning solvent away from normal reach.

As a gun lover you need to ensure that only you have access to this mixture and that no one else uses this mixture in your home. With this homemade gun cleaning solvent you can enjoy the benefit of cleaning your favorite weapon without any high cost.

Few Precautions To Take while Making The Cleaning Solvent

When you have got all the gun cleaning solvent ingredients and you have decided to go ahead with making process, it is important for you to take certain precautions:

  • Work on a well ventilated space and flat surface
  • Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses as chemicals could cause harm to skin and eyes
  • Ensure chemicals are kept away from fire and is stored in safe container

Also, make sure to keep the ready solvent away from wooden surfaces. Try staying away from wooden furniture or surface during your cleaning process.

All the above mentioned contents are highly flammable and you need to be really careful in the making process.

10 Best Gun Cleaning Solvent and Oil Reviews

1- No. 9 Hoppes Gun Bore Cleaner

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

-Ultra effective, safe and easy to Use

-Comes with child proof cap

-Penetrates deep and rapidly

-A worldwide favorite since 1903
2- Break-Free CLP-2 Cleaner Lubricant

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

-Penetrates and spreads along metal surfaces fast

-Long-lasting and much lubricating

-Corrosion inhibitors prevent the formation of rust while Break-Free's unique boundary film protects metal surfaces from moisture and other contaminants.

-Specially formulated synthetic oils won't lose viscosity, dry out or stiffen up in extreme environments - such as cold, heat, dust, dirt, humidity and even salt air

-It has been proven to perform in temperatures ranging from -65F to +475F and after saltwater immersion
3- CLP by Sage & Braker- Oil, Lubricant, Solvent and Protectant - All in One

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

-Unbeatable gun cleaning to protects your firearms from failure

-Provides smooth action for reliable performance

-Safe for you and your loved ones

-Made with pride in the USA
4- Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can Lubricant Cleaner Protectant

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

-Biodegradable; won't harm the environment

-Perfect for lubricating and protecting firearms and just about anything else

-Preserves and protects metal, wood, leather and plastics

-Slightly alkaline in nature; neutralizes the effect of sweat and skin oils
5- Slip 2000 Gun cleaner and lubricant

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

-This lube stays wet 5 times longer then any other traditional lubricant. Reduces friction and wear

-Protects against corrosion and will not attract dust, dirt or sand and works in all types of environments

-Will not burn off like a petroleum products and is safe to use on metal, wood, plastic parts

-Does not allow carbon, copper, lead and plastic to stick and will reduce cleanup time by 50%

-Non-Toxic and Non-hazardous. Developed with your health, safety and the environment in mind
6- Hoppe's No. 9 Synthetic Blend Lubricating Oil, 2.25-Ounce

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

-An advanced oil especially designed for the modern firearm

-100 percent designed and tested for the toughest situations and environments

-Provides a barrier against moisture and corrosion

-Also works great on fishing reels and other mechanisms

-100 percent designed and tested for the toughest situations and environments

-An advanced oil especially designed for the modern firearm

-Superior lubrication and protection to all areas of your firearm reducing the wear and tear caused by friction

-Provides a barrier against moisture and corrosion

-Also works great on fishing reels and other mechanisms

-Made in the USA
7- Breakthrough Clean Technologies Military-Grade Solvent

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

-Non-toxic, Non-staining, Odorless, Non-flammable (Flashpoint of 150F)

-Removes all fouling, Leaves absolutely no residue behind

-Truly pH neutral, which means its safe on your firearm’s wood, plastics, polymers, cerakote and/or hydroprinting

-Made in the USA
8- Lucas Oil 10006 Gun Oil - 2 oz

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

-Excellent for long-term storage

-Use on fishing reels

-Excellent household oil
9- Pro-Shot 1-Ounce Zero Friction Needle Oiler

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

-Great for those othewise unreachable areas with traditional application methods

-Anti-wear additivies,Anti-Oxidants

-Provides superior smooth performance and Protection on all moving metal parts

-All Pro Shot products made in USA from USA components
10- Tetra Gun 004B1I Gun Grease 1-Ounce Blister

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

-Tetra Gun Grease original synthetic lubricant protectant

-Handles wide operating temperature range

-Fluoropolymer white grease that Minimizes buildup. Long lasting

-Good for all firearms, including shotguns, rifles and handguns

-The major advance in firearms lubrication

-Reduces friction and wear & eases cleaning

-Prevents corrosion and part seizure

-A fluoropolymer penetrating heavy-duty grease lubricant

Important Things to Consider While Using Gun Cleaning Solvent and Oil

We hope that we have made it easier for you to choose the best gun cleaning solvent through our above top 10 list of best solvents.

Now when you have decided to buy and use the best gun solvent and oil, there is lot more you need to learn about using it efficiently to achieve the desired results.

Below are few tips for you which will help in using these solvents in an easy and safe way:

Secure your gun for cleaning using a good gun vise (avoid using traditional bench vise). This will help in avoiding the damages made to the gun parts or any getting the scratches inside the barrel.

Gun cleaning solvents like your CLP often get leak if not handled properly. This can ruin your surface and even other gun cleaning gears present in your kit. It is therefore important that you use a good gun cleaning mat to cover your surface.

This will save the surfaces in case any solvent spills off. Also make sure that you tighten the lid or bottle cap before storing so that any leakage is avoided.

Overall, choosing and using the best gun cleaning solvent is not a tough job when you have followed all the above tips and ideas. So buy one for your firearms and keep them safe all the time from the unwanted damage caused.

Popular Brands To Check for Gun Cleaning Products
Hornady Allen Company
Angel Pos Hoppes
Sharpertek Tipton
Generic KleenBore

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