How Cleaning Your Gun Can Improve Your Shooting Experience?

If you are passionate about shooting and are regularly involved in this hobby, you should know about few basic steps to clean your gun. This will surely help to enrich your shooting performance and experience, every time you use your gun.


It has been seen that dust and dirt is always present in the environment which can form a layer on your sophisticated gun or pistol. This will overall decrease its performance to a considerable limit.

However regular inspection and cleaning of the gun can keep it in a working condition for a long time.

Removal of dust and grease (as well as gunpowder) that clogs the device and hampers its smooth functioning is also an essential step which should not be ignored.

There are several kits tools and solutions for cleaning gun that can be used for the inspection and cleaning purposes.

Why Cleaning Is Essential After You Fire A Gun?

The reason for the maintenance of a gun on a regular basis is that every time the trigger is pulled the sediments get deposited which destroys the metal at a slow but steady rate. The best way, to ensure that your gun is clean, is to maintain it by proper cleaning of the parts with the cleaning agents.

To clean your gun in a proper and professional manner, you can buy the gun cleaning kit which comes with pre-ensemble tools and agents for efficient cleaning. Collect the necessary tools and follow the instructions mentioned in the kit for a professional cleaning experience.

A clean and shiny gun ensures that you shoot with precision and extreme smoothness. A clean and well-maintained gun also lowers the chance of any misfires or accidents that can prove to be fatal in numerous cases. Clean your gun every time it is fired so that it can stay in a functional condition for a long time and gives you an improved shooting experience.

Below we discuss few steps that ensures that your gun is cleaned safely.

Tips and Steps for How to Clean Your Gun or Handgun Efficiently and Safely?

gun cleaning kitCleaning your pistol or handgun may be a time-consuming process and needs practical knowledge and experience. It is more than just lubricating the gun and making it look nice.

You will need to make sure the safety elements that the barrel and action are well cleaned and do not include gun powder residue. This can lead to harmful misfires so you should follow right gun cleaning instructions.

Unloading and Safety Elements

First of all you need to unload the gun and remove the clip before cleaning. Safety is the vital element that should be on your mind when handling a gun for unloading.

Look through the barrel to be completely sure that the gun has been unloaded properly. After unloading your gun, you can reach the difficult to reach points of the gun to clean them efficiently with brushes and other devices available with the kit.

Dismantling should be done with care

While dismantling your gun, keep the parts on a flat surface and then clean all the parts with the best gun cleaning solution and brush. When taking each part apart, ensure to check for cracks or any other kinds of damages. You should take the gun to a certified gunsmith for repair if you find any signs of damage.

You will need to look up the owner’s manual about the gun before you start to clean your gun. Check and ensure if there is any warning about dismantling as well as areas not to be cleaned. Too much dismantling a gun can lead to failing and wrong firing. Bolt, chamber and barrel are the only places that really need to be cleaned and should be considered most.

Cleaning and Patch Work

Start cleaning from the breech end of the gun so that you can prevent debris from entering into the weapon and clogging it. If you are not able to do this, then choose very slow cleaning mode. Use a patch holder and attach a clean patch to the end. Put some solvent on the patch and scan the barrel to rip it off. The patch will be visible at the other end of the bore and you can remove it to forbid debris to enter.

When you work with the patch holder, drive a soaked patch down the bore and keep taking it all time when it is visible on the other end. Always use a clean patch and repeat the process till a clean patch appears on the other end of the bore. Scan the barrel using a dry patch and sop up all remaining solvent. Using gun lubricant put a light coat of final patch. Then scan the barrel to leave the little amount of rust prevention inside.

Brushing the Bore

Take the patch holder out of the gun cleaning rod and connect the bore brush. Put the brush in solvent and work in forward and backward inside the bore a few times. Hence, you will be able to effectively remove any carbon growth from the shots that are fired. It is vital to clean away all stubborn debris and thus you should perform every action carefully.

Clean the Action and Put Together

Dip a nylon brush in solvent and clean your gun around the action parts. Rub down the actions and other moving parts using a clean cloth and a few amount of lubricant. Bolt and the safety equipment can be cleaned this way. Ensure the barrel is clean of debris. And now when you have finished cleaning put the gun parts together according to the owner’ manual.

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