Best Biometric Gun Safe: Its About Keeping Your Guns Clean and Secure All The Time?

As a gun owner it is your responsibility to keep your firearms safe and secure at your place. This means that you probably need to safeguard your precious armed ammunitions for your safety as well as for your family’s security.

There are probably umpteen number of options and types of safes available in the market for protecting your handguns or pistols. These not only help you keep your arms safe but also in keeping them clean by not letting them exposed to any moisture or dirt.

Biometric pistol safes present the best technology and lightning fast access to your weapon in addition to maintaining the safety of your family. Today, this cutting edge technology is becoming a must have for the gun owners as it provides you the best security for the guns in your home.

Gun owners like you are being turned on for the emergency requirement of gun for theft protection and for quick respond at a situation of home invasion. Thus they need a  secure safe where they can place their gun for quick easy access whenever required.

Biometric or fingerprint analyzing revolver safes are at the edge of cutting firearm safety technology which can fulfill all your safety needs.


Just visualize – waking during the midnight on a strange sound and realizing that there is an intruder in your drawing room! You being very near to the gun safe makes you reach towards it quickly and target the intruder.

In addition to this, the main need of a Biometric Pistol safe is to provide the highest grade of security, ease of use and reliability. As you can use your fingerprints, there is no need to remember a code (of certain digits) to open in emergency situations; as in extreme cases mind is out of control and functions less to recollect the code and gain access to the safe.

Benefit Of Using Biometric Gun Safe

Advantages offered by best biometric gun safe are many. First of all it eliminates all obstacles by using a type of identification that is specific only to you and that is absolutely your fingerprints.

Each fingerprint is stored in safety equipment by transformation process of scanning done by the fingerprint reader, in such a way that no one can operate the system without your fingerprints and the presence of you. Furthermore the fingerprint reader operates after analyzing your fingerprint within seconds; and in case of wrong fingerprints, the gun safe cannot be opened.

The main variation in between biometrics and other gun safe is that, it has a unique quality of authorized access which you can depend upon to avoid missing or losing of gun. This also ensures you the complete protection.

Biometric guns provide the safest locking mechanism with the proven technology, which adds a feather in the golden cap of the security of your valuables. When used, it gives confidence of safety where ever you are and in whichever situation.

Few Limitations of Using Fingerprint Gun and Pistol Safe

Cost: As we all know, the fingerprint pistol safe is expensive to procure the cost of a safe which has biometric fingerprinting technology is very high. Therefore not every one can afford this and it makes it difficult to procure the same. Some of them can cost up to $5000 as well!

Biological Limitations: Say you have a cut or a burn or a blister on your finger then your fingerprint will obviously not match with the original one. This leads to a problem while unlocking the fingerprint pistol safe. Musicians or workers often have ridged or callused fingers which create a problem while unlocking the safe.

Weather: Suppose you live in a heavily snowing area and the temperatures in such areas drop down below freezing point. This high change in temperatures can interfere with the sensitivity of the biometric systems. The fingerprint pistol safe has sensors which are sensitive to temperature changes as well and this interference can cause the safe to not unlock properly.

Maintaining Your Biometric Gun Safe To Enjoy Uninterrupted Safety and Security

For sure you are going to spend a reasonable cost which won’t break your balance and presents a truly ground-breaking security, making it a great investment of the year. But as this is not a cheap investment either, you need to take proper maintenance steps for enjoying the best uninterrupted safety and security in your home.

Here are few tips for maintaining and caring your gun safes…

  • Gun safes are manufactured generally with good quality of high level resistance to damage and destruction. But still it must be maintained well for gaining long lasting life period of the safe
  • Cleaning your safe at least once in a month is compulsory to remove all dust and dirt accumulated in the gun safe
  • In case if you observe that your safe has lost its smooth and shiny surface, you must wipe it with a dampened, soft non abrasive cloth to avoid scratches during the process of wiping
  • Restrain the usage of metal polishes and solvents during cleaning the handle and lock to avert losing the original coating of your gun safe
  • Fire seal should be replaced if found to be damaged
  • If appearance of gun safe is spoiled or scratched, it can be dealt easily with touch up paint
  • The locking bolts should be oiled regularly for effective functioning of the safe
  • Service your lock yearly once, to ward away from malfunctioning

Buying Best Biometric Pistol Safe: 4 Things You Need To Check

Picking a best pistol/gun safe is one thing but choosing what to buy or what not is another. Therefore, in case you want to choose a best biometric safe for your use then you probably need to look into few points in detail.

Here are the top 4 things to check while buying a good fingerprint biometric pistol safe.

1st tip: If a reliable and accurate biometric fingerprint reader is available then you should probably get it for yourself! The fingerprint sensor should not be faulty so check for how recent it is in its technology (the newer the better) and also should be free or errors which can be checked by reading reviews off the internet. Also, it is advisable to research well about the biometric technology in use so that you know how to get the best one for your gun.

2nd tip: You probably want to stay away from the whole jazz of setting up a complex safe just to find out that something or the other is missing from it. Choose wisely and try to buy a safe which is easy to setup and not complicated. Your biometric safe should be able to indicate the process very clearly else if you see that indicators are missing and there are only LED lights, then try to steer clear of it.

3rd tip: Your safe must be easy with the installation process. Ensure that it is a one person’s job and you should probably have required tools for installation and set up. Do not look for safes which require extensive drilling of holes which can cause damage to your home and furniture. Try to secure your safes with ease and install them within less than an hour.

4th tip: Buy a product for your pistol if you require it just for your pistol. Do not buy a safe which will probably load an army’s worth of ammunitions while your requirement is just for a pistol. Do not get allured by the size and grandeur of such safes. Get what you want and stick to your requirement. Do not buy what you do not require as you would probably want to use and spend a fortune on buying it.

Hopefully the above tips will help you out in buying a good biometric safe for your pistols. Just browse online and get one now! For your convenience we have listed down the best 10 biometric safes for you. These are top rated, so you can choose one as per your requirement and budget after comparing their features.

Top 10 Best Biometric Gun Safe

(For Keeping Your Guns Secure and Clean)

1. Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

2. BARSKA Biometric Safe

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

3. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

4. GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

5. Gunvault MVB500 Microvault Biometric Pistol Gun Safe

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

6. VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

7. Artemis Biometric Gun Safe / Handgun Safe - Quick Access to your pistol by fingerprint or key (Stores up to 200 unique fingerprints)

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

8. Ivation Biometric Fingerprint Home Safe for Firearms, Documents, Jewelry, Collectibles & Other Valuables

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

9. The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

10. Stack-On Biometric Personal Safe with Adjustable Shelf

Check The Pricing and Reviews Here

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