How To Clean And Oil A Handgun? Basics you should know…

A handgun or a pistol is a great starter weapon. It is a superb choice for sporting, no matter what age you are or what your gender is.

It is basically compact and easy to carry handgun that will help keep you safe all the time. However to make sure that it rewards you with the smooth operation (when ever you need), you need to inspect and keep it clean always.

Why Regular Cleaning of Pistol Is Important?


The good you care for your pistol, the best it will care for you! And for this reason you should consider cleaning your pistol after each shot you have made (whether for sporting or for any other purpose)

Removal of dust and grease (as well as gunpowder) that clogs the device and hampers its smooth functioning is an essential step which should not be ignored.

The reason for the maintenance of a handgun on a regular basis is that every time the trigger is pulled the sediments get deposited which destroys the metal at a slow but steady rate.

Clean your handgun every time it is fired so that it can stay in a functional condition for a long time and gives you an improved shooting experience.

How To Clean And Oil A Handgun?

Cleaning your pistol or handgun may be a time-consuming process and needs practical knowledge and experience.

It is more than just lubricating the handgun and making it look nice.

You will need to make sure all the safety elements that includes the cleaning of barrel and action so that there is not any gun powder residue left behind.

Unloading the Pistol

First of all you need to unload the gun and remove the clip before cleaning. Safety is the vital element that should be on your mind when handling your pistol or handgun. Look through the barrel to be completely sure that the gun has been unloaded properly.

After unloading your gun, you can reach the difficult to reach points of the gun to clean them efficiently with brushes and other devices available with the kit.

Cleaning and Patch Work

Start cleaning from the breech end of the gun so that you can prevent debris from entering into the weapon and clogging it. If you are not able to do this, then choose very slow cleaning mode.

Use a patch holder and attach a clean patch to the end. Put some solvent on the patch and scan the barrel to rip it off. The patch will be visible at the other end of the bore and you can remove it to forbid debris to enter.

When you work with the patch holder, drive a soaked patch down the bore and keep taking it all time when it is visible on the other end. Always use a clean patch and repeat the process till a clean patch appears on the other end of the bore.

Scan the barrel using a dry patch and sop up all remaining solvent. Using gun lubricant put a light coat of final patch. Make sure that you use the best gun cleaning solvent and oil.

Then scan the barrel to leave the little amount of rust prevention inside.

Clean the Action and Put Together

Dip a nylon brush in solvent and clean your gun around the action parts. Rub down the actions and other moving parts using a clean cloth and a few amount of lubricant.

Bolt and the safety equipment can be cleaned this way. Ensure the barrel is clean of debris. And now when you have finished cleaning put the gun parts together according to the owner’ manual.

Basics of Handgun Cleaning (Video)

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