Basic Gun Cleaning Tools and Supplies

Cleaning tools and supplies are presented in a pleasing way in the video to take care of your firearms before they get messed up.

Here there is a cleaning rod, a brush with copper strings to scrub the settled dirt, screwdriver set of different sizes that fits perfectly and unscrews the entire screw head. Another thing to consider is a thin rod made of plastic to perform good cleaning.

Additionally, the best thing you can buy is a Ballistol which you can use as a gun cleaning solvent to preserve the metal of the gun. It is available in liquid and works absolute best. Besides this, there are other solvents and gun oil to use as a lubricant after cleaning your firearm.

You have frog lube in the cleaning tools which is used at the next level of cleaning steps. Finally, you have cotton patch and rags to wipe the gun completely after using certain solvents and oils.

Check out more interesting cleaning stuff in the video link and keep your gun good in condition.

Check the above video out for more information…

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Popular Brands To Check for Gun Cleaning Products
Hornady Allen Company
Angel Pos Hoppes
Sharpertek Tipton
Generic KleenBore

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