Why Shooters Use Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners for Cleaning Their Guns?

Shooting is a great sport for many all over the world. Its a passion for many and many of them spend great time while sporting and having fun with their guns and rifles.

But do you know how shooters spend their weekends? They need to clean their handguns manually. It includes breaking down guns, cleaning each part separately, lubricating them and putting them together. Isn’t it a time consuming task?

Of course, it is, and, a messy process too. Besides, if shooters are at some remote areas, they can’t get exact cleaning oil or carbon.

Ultrasonic gun cleaner machine

This is where ultrasonic gun cleaners come into the picture to help shooters clean their gears efficiently. It uses high-frequency sound waves that drive cleaning solution into the small aspects and crannies.

A smooth scrubbing action is performed by ultrasonic gun cleaners that perfectly remove petroleum-based pollution and soil particles.

Cleaned weapons are then rinsed and put in a lubricating bath. Since the weapons are sonically energized, the lubricant drives into the small aspects and joints of them. Hence, smaller moisture from the cleaning and rinsing cycles is eliminated, ensuring no possibilities of rust.

Earlier, these cleaning solutions cost thousands of dollars but today, they are made affordable by some manufacturers. They are now low-cost solutions including everything a shooter needs to clean and lubricate his guns. It includes ultrasonic cleaning tanks, lubricating pans, cleaning baskets and ultrasonic cleaning concentrate and lubricating solution to preserve the guns.

How To Maintain Your Defensive Hand Guns?

6 Tips To Follow And To Keep In Mind

Generally Hand guns are used for defensive purpose. These self-defense machines are rugged, reliable and handy to use. For any type of weapons, whether manual or automatic, needs meticulous maintenance activity for its optimum usage and proper functioning. Hence, periodic and regular maintenance are called for. Improper maintenance may lead to malfunctioning or permanent damage of the handguns.

1- Need for maintenance

The main reason for the malfunction, misfire or damage is caused due to improper maintenance activity. In order to keep the hand guns in ready to use condition we need to periodically maintain the arms as laid down in the maintenance / user manual of the handguns.

2- When and how to maintain?

Irrespective of the type of usage of the guns whether occasional or regular, the maintenance needs to be carried out immediately after the firing of the guns on a regular basis. The maintenance activity in a gun after firing is cleaning and lubrication. The cleaning activity ensures the removal of any foreign objects or burrs stuck inside the barrel. Lubrication ensures the smooth movement of the moving parts. Lubricants should be used as specified in the user manual.

3- Periodicity

In case of regular usage, the guns should be cleaned after every usage or firing. In case of occasional usage, the guns should be cleaned after the firing and periodically maintained, may be every fortnightly to ensure no dust or any foreign objects are their inside the barrel and moving parts.

4- Storage and handling of arms

The guns not only have to be taken care meticulously for its cleaning, special emphasis is to be given to storage and handling of arms. The place of storage should have good wooden racks to keep and secure the arms.

The temperature and humidity of the room too needs to be under control, to ensure the arms does not get rusted / oxidized due to humidity.

5- Using advanced cleaning technology

Specially formulated powerful and effective lubricating solutions are available for today sophisticated handguns. One such is ultrasonic cleaning system. It protects and ensures thorough cleaning without reacting to the metal surfaces of different material of constructions used for manufacturing of the gun barrel and its moving parts.

These ultrasonic cleaning materials are Eco-friendly as it does not emit any toxic material, free from ammonia, and is biodegradable. These solvents are very effective and leave no residual in the cleaning process and are having low co-efficient friction property which ensures long life of the metal part and smooth operation of the system.

6- Tools and apparatus

Special cleaning materials and tools are prescribed for maintenance of the guns, and this should be kept handy always for keeping the gun in cent percent operational condition. Proper ventilated and clean room should be used for maintenance activity as the lubricants and solvents used are toxic in nature. Only specified tools and cleaning materials should be used as laid down in the user’s manual.

5 Easy Steps For Cleaning Your Gun Effectively

US Navy 110815-N-YM590-047 Sailors from the VBSS team clean weapons

Effective gun cleaning includes 5 critical steps. Let’s look at each step in a detailed manner and have a hassle-free gun cleaning!

1- First and foremost thing is to ensure that the gun is unloaded and aimed at a safe direction. Dismantle the gun while keeping track of all parts.

2- Go through the owner’s manual to get right instructions on dissecting the weapon. Take out the Forestock (a wooden part under the barrel) by pushing down on its lever. You will be then able to open the action of the weapon and extract and forward on the barrels. Ensure the barrels are not falling off the weapon and to the ground. Once you done with dismantling process, you can have 3 unique pieces – the receiver, barrels and the Forestock.

3- Use a solvent to clean the gun and remember to use a bore brush or solvent applied rod with a patch to cleaning the barrels. Recommended cleaning is from the gap to the front of barrels. Clean dry patch has to be used to push through the barrels and continue this process with clean patches. This is an alternative process that you have to do first time with solvent and second without solvent. Continue the process till the patches brings out all dirt. Place the solvent in a toothbrush and clean other metal parts of the weapon. This is done to take all accumulated residues out.

4- Clean the surface. Remove all residual solvent from the firearm and other parts because a little solvent on metal parts is harmful. So, clean the metal parts using a small coat of oil or rust inhibitor. Use gun oil or lubricants to wipe down the metal parts in order to shield the firearm and also help it work perfectly. Since a little amount of lubricant or oil will go a long way, use it sparingly. When you store the gun ensure that you don’t leave fingerprints on it. Though the fingerprints do not cause anything harmful to the function of the weapon, it will look ugly and the lubricant on your hand may pollute the finishing of the metal.

5- Put all parts together and check if the weapon is working rightly. Hold the receiver horizontally while keeping the barrels at a 45 degree angle towards the ground. Move down the barrels into the receiver till the hook underneath the barrels catches in the receiver. Pick the front of the barrels up and get them locked into place. Now you have to reattach the Forestock. Move the foresotck into the small latch and smoothly close the latch.

Opening and closing of the breach of the weapon has to be done once again in order to ensure everything was done rightly. Ensure that all parts of the weapon slides smoothly without using any excess oil or lubricants. Undue force should not be used on the gun as you have chances to doing something wrong while cleaning the weapon.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Device

An Ideal Way For Cleaning Your Weapons Efficiently

If you love to shoot but don’t like spending hours at cleaning and oiling your guns, then you will find ultrasonic gun cleaners – a perfect solution. These systems have been around for long years, but they now become cheap enough for persons.

Use These Cleaners: Save Time and Do Not Leave Fun Behind

Don’t spend half a day on Sunday simply cleaning your guns after a great Saturday at the firing range. Use ultrasonic gun cleaners reviews to find the best cleaner and brand and get your guns perfectly cleaned. You may be a person with less time and cleaning more weapons on hand does not sound good.

This is not just for army people, but this is a device which can be used by ordinary man who need to clean their guns, pistols, revolvers and rifles that are used for shooting and sporting.

How It Works?

The process includes making strong, high-frequency noise inside the tank equipped with water. Cavitation is generated by this noise that scrubs anything that you place inside the tank. The added benefit of ultrasonic gun cleaner is that it reaches to the parts where you can’t with a brush or using a wire. It turns stone and eliminates every small bit of old gun oil, carbon particles and anything else that comes up the works for you.

These systems do more than a normal sonic gun cleaning solution. You have to pour the weapons lubricate solution into the pan, place the pan into the ultrasonic cleaner and press the button. The process is similar to that of cavitation using the cleaning solution to scrub off dirt.

The lubricate solution is used to eliminate any lingering draws of moisture that are unnoticed during cleaning and rinsing. Hence, you will end up with an effectively cleaned and meticulously lubricated handgun. Moreover, you get this without getting your hands dirty.

Ultrasonic rifle cleaner use strong sound waves to generate that breaks down vacuum bubbles in water. The process of collapsing vacuum bubbles is called cavitation. It releases kinetic energy that increase against anything inside the tank. If the object inside the tank is hard like a handgun or your glock, then the energy generates micro-currents in the water that clean the handgun surface.

One added benefit is that these micro-currents are microscopic that cleans out even the smaller holes, parts and crevices in the gun. Hence, nothing will be left out from lubricating oil to collected moisture in the gun.

If you are a shooter with less time to clean your guns effectively, then make use of ultrasonic gun cleaners for best results. Choose the best solution for your requirements from the available options in the market. All this can really save you lots of time and money which you can spend elsewhere for more fun.

Buying These High Tech Cleaning Devices

These high tech ultrasonic cleaning devices for your guns, rifles and weapons comes with range of varieties and it often becomes hard to choose the best one for your requirement.

However there are few brands of sonic gun cleaners that are best popular and recommended, the top brands that leads the market are:

  • Hornady
  • Lyman
  • Kendal
  • SharperTek
  • iSonic
  • RCBS

You may choose a ultrasonic rifle cleaner or a pistol sonic cleaner by checking out some top reviews about the cleaners under these brands. For your convenience we have already prepared a list of best products (see below table) in the market that are top reviewed and best selling.These are of high quality and does its job efficiently without any trouble. It can serve you lifelong for cleaning your weapons.

Thousands of people already purchased them and are getting the benefits it offers. Its a best time for you to find one for yourself NOW.

Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner (115-Volt)Kendal Industrial Grade 160 Watts 2.5 Liters Digital Heated Ultrasonic CleanerHornady Lock n' Load Stainless Steel Sonic Cleaner (110 Volt)Hornady Lock N Load Hot Tub for Sonic Cleaners

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Check out the videos below to know how these Sonic cleaner devices work for gun cleaning:

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